Saturday, March 15, 2008

Too Late To Break Silence Now...,

The jig is up and there won't be any do-overs except in Michigan. Barack Obama's rorschachian phenomenon is finished and it was brought to an untimely end by his willful failure to break silence on the nationalist symbol rattling by which he's now been prosecutorially skewered. Thing is, he should have seen this coming a mile away. Beginning with the lapel pin and hand over heart probes, most definitely as against the strategery embodied in duplicitous attempts on Mdme Obama's proud comment, but no....,

Obama just laid back in a faux news rope-a-dope, not because it was a brilliant or prophetic political strategy, but because HE DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING!!!!

The tragedy of the thing is that he had all the practical, moral, political, and symbolic resources he would ever need, the proverbial book of Wu Dan at his ready disposal.

Even when pressed by the demands of inner truth, men do not easily assume the task of opposing their government's policy, especially in time of war. Nor does the human spirit move without great difficulty against all the apathy of conformist thought within one's own bosom and in the surrounding world.

All he had to do was open it and use it. Having done so, he would've obtained both practical and symbolic control of the moral higher ground. Barack has failed by his inability to smoothly command and control the moral higher ground in the moment.

We now know that Obama is no Ali. Having probed him repeatedly and found his feet of clay, the nationalists have closed in for the kill, which they obtained with the deposition like questioning to which he was subjected by Major Garrett. Barack's going to be swiftboated now and will find himself defending his flanks against neverending trifling litigious examinations of his claim to have not been present whenever Pastor Wright preached fire and brimstone.

Had he only been present to the prophetic anointment emanating from a true prophet who braved all odds to break silence - things very well may have turned out differently. Barack may well have had it in him to be king....,


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