Saturday, March 15, 2008

Feet of Clay?

Nah grasshopper. You are overreacting. God's son is playing intellectual political & cultural judo with this one. Electorial Sun Tzu. Picking his battles. Why run 90 yards to fumble?

Why indeed friend Denmark, why indeed.....? Our boy has been muddied and bloodied by ethnic nationalist riff raff. Judging from the two interviews, one friendly, one adversarial, these are not strong challengers launching a surprise sneak attack. These are busters coming with something old, obvious and hidden in plain sight. Obama has not dealt with this artfully or deftly....., even Geraldo noted last night that the sparkle has gone out of Baraka's eyes. Look at the videos and tell me that he hasn't succumbed to some egregious conformity.

Used in the Bible in Daniel 2:34, part of the description of the huge statue in the dream of Chaldean King Nebuchadnezzar.

feet of clay

(idiomatic) To say that someone, who appears strong or invincible, in fact has a hidden weak point which could cause their fall.


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