Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Got No Soul....,

The energy wasted while the attention is caught in the internal wheel of perpetual associations is what could be harnessed and directed to produce the presence necessary to develop a correctly crystallized soul, a higher body of consciousness able to withstand death of the physical body. This is the problem, men forget why they are alive on this world and therefore they have no real continuous aim. A man is alive on this world to develop a correctly crystallized soul through self-remembering and transformation of experience and in that pursuit each man must focus his attention on both his inner consciousness and the external world that fate has delivered him into. As a man’s mind rolls with aimless associations he allows this pointless inner activity to draw his attention away from both the inner Self and the world around him. He falls into a dream world that is under the law of chance, where any kind of fantasy can lull him into a false satisfaction. Men do not notice this state because they are asleep, but this is where each lives the greater measure of his life, fantasizing in a state of false satisfaction.
Fragments of a Well Known Teaching - go read the whole thing, you may find it interesting.


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