Thursday, March 13, 2008

Obama as America's Rorschach Test - III

The proxy war continues and escalates. Obama in the crosshairs via the proxy of his former pastor Jeremiah Wright. It's new news on ABC today and Bill O'Reilly has clamped his jaws down it far more ferociously than he did with his misguided attempt on Baraka via Michelle Obama.

Obama's pastor's sermons scrutinized
"Attention must be paid!" That line from a famous play is certainly appropriate when we talk about Barack Obama's pastor, Jeremiah Wright, whose controversial sermons are now being listened to for the first time by the public at large. In his sermons, he rails not only against Hillary, but white America and its supposed ills. Judge for yourself if this man's influence helps or hurts Sen. Obama.

Plus, we'll have the latest on Geraldine Ferraro's critique of the Obama candidacy and her resignation from the Clinton campaign. Don't miss these two hours of the Radio Factor today.


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