Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Raw Material for Medical Research

WOW, just wow......,

I am guilty of a profound dereliction of duty. Caught up in the superficial machinations of the Obamamandius saga - I've managed to miss out on a timely intersection with profundity.

My man T3 has descended into the furthest reaches of human experience
- and I'm at least a day late to the excursion;
It is clear from this account and the historical records of elite scientists and the institutions who funded them that children in these institutions were used to serve a larger purpose. There can be no question that the gross violations of human rights within the United States was so appalling that the notion a similar violation could NOT have happened in the Congo is ridiculous on its face.
If you haven't been following the series, get caught up now. Pass it along to everybody you know, cause it's not often that we get to witness unauthorized disclosure of that whole other level of the game....,


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