Sunday, March 16, 2008

American Alienation in Microcosm

Ethnic nationalists have made hay this week pretending that Jeremiah Wright's decontextualized fire and brimstone sermonizing is "racist" or "seditious". By extension they argue, Obama is a seditious stealth racist unfit to lead. Some I've encountered online have argued that the 1960's Black exposure to the radical liberal counterculture was the genesis of this "dissent". Those caught up in this narrative seek to pretend that Blacks across class lines began to reject mainstream norms. This is precisely why I linked the text and audio of Martin Luther King Jr.'s A Time To Break the Silence speech to demonstrate the patent falsity and ahistorical absurdity of this claim. Is there a more mainstream moral or political authority to whom we might turn our moral compass than the late Dr. King on this issue?

The boundless hypocrisy of ethnic nationalists has been brought into full view. These people are projecting their own motivations and ways of living on Wright for daring to give voice to righteous dissent. To date, I've not heard a single critic question the mainstream propriety of Jeremiah Wright's curriculum vitae. They are instead seeking to read their own psychological realities into a handful of his words taken out of the context in which they were spoken. What we have seen demonstrated this week, is that for a man to question the historical and continuing collective psychological tendencies of American ethnic nationalists is literally psychologically intolerable.


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