Monday, March 17, 2008

The Ethno Nationalist Double Standard

Though it would be entirely unnatural for him to do so, no political liability would attach to Obamamandius' adoption of the hateful rhetorical drag so easily, lightly, and uncritically worn by the spiritual guides and advisors of his opponent in the general election. It is however, widely considered unpatriotic and seditious for the now retired Jeremiah Wright and the late Martin Luther King to have called out this cancerous and thanaturgic element within the American body politic. It's not enough to simply remain silent about this phenomenon as the DLC and other so-called "centrists" have historically tended to do. Let's hope that Keith Olbermann isn't alone for long in calling attention to this collective psychopathology which has thus far managed to escape much in the way of vigorous or sustained scrutiny.