Sunday, February 25, 2018

Narrative State of the #NeverTrump Coup Last Year...,

constitution |  In the days following Trump’s earth-shattering election, I started receiving calls from contacts in the Obama government. High-echelon staffers at State, Justice, the FBI especially, as well as the DNC and Obama White House were telling me of a “whitewash” in full swing. They were sick and tired of carrying water for what they said was “a totally corrupt president and Democratic Party.” The FBI sources I had were particularly angry with James Comey and told me he “was in the DNC bag.” It seemed the whistleblowers had had enough.

They told me it was demanded by the head of their departments, Kerry at State, Lynch at Justice, Clapper the DNI, Brazile at the DNC, Comey at the FBI and the president (Jarrett was the point person) that all documents “unflattering” to the Obama administration or Hillary Clinton State Department and campaign be destroyed. Unflattering was “Obama-speak” for incriminating. There is a law specifically against the destruction of government documents because the taxpayer owns them. This was a government-wide expansion of the destruction of Hillary campaign and Hillary State Department emails and evidence that had started years prior, of course, in a conspiracy to obfuscate the illegal activities of her continuing criminal enterprises.

These are the specifics my sources confirm:
**The data collection was NOT LIMITED to Trump servers or the nonsensical “Russia Investigation,” but rather included data collection from all servers and internal/external email accounts; cell phone and landline conversations in their entirety; all text messages; as well as “hum int,” following Trump campaign team members around as they conducted their duties or personal chores. KGB-like surveillance. A source told me, “We were conducting so much human and “sig-int” surveillance on Trump and associates, al-Qaeda and ISIS were receiving less attention from our operatives and agents than the man running for president.”

**The data collection on Trump, his family, Bannon, Conway, Manafort, Lewandowski, their families and everyone else associated with the Trump campaign WAS NOT INCIDENTAL. It was purposeful and targeted. It was not reverse-targeted and it was not investigating Trump activities with Russians. “During the late days of the campaign, we knew Ms. Conway’s life better than her husband did,” one source opined.

**The data collection and human intelligence (following Trump family and associates around) was not initially collected as part of a domestic-to-foreign warrant looking into the supposed collusion of Trump with the Russians. The surveillance of the entire Trump staff was a domestic, criminal plot to ensure Trump never became president. Source: “Everybody in U.S. Intelligence knew that this was highly illegal. It was framed to us that Trump was trying to hurt America; that he was treasonous. We all innately knew who was being treasonous. And there was never a foreign component to this. It was always domestic.”

**The widespread, illegal surveillance and wiretapping of Trump and his campaign didn’t begin in October, 2016. Nor did it begin in early 2016. IT BEGAN ALMOST IMMEDIATELY when Trump announced in the summer of 2015. This wasn’t just “oppo research.” This was Bill & Hillary going to Obama as the head of the DNC and entering into a conspiracy with Obama, Jarrett, Rice, Rhodes and even Kerry to DESTROY TRUMP. They then involved Brennan, Clapper and lastly Comey, the first two being all too happy to do whatever was necessary to destroy Trump. Source: “Remember, all these activities started before Trump was nominated; right after he declared. So the “Russia” issue hadn’t even been dreamed up by the Democrats yet. In terms of roles played, Clapper and Brennan were the” wet men.”

**There were no warrants obtained for any of this outside of the Russian FISA warrant, after-the-fact and these surveillance activities were designed not to look into any relationship between Trump campaign officials with Russia but to eliminate Trump as an opponent so Hillary could skate to the presidency. This, of course, is highly illegal. I consider it treason. Source: “Jarrett and the administration tried to get warrants after the fact. After the surveillance program had already started many months prior. They were backdating it to protect Obama and his staff of radical operatives.”

**The nefarious ongoing activities also involved the mass, agency and government-wide destruction of computers, laptops, cellphones, documents, emails, files, texts and the shredding and/or “Bleachbiting” of anything that could incriminate the Obama cell. As Dr. Evelyn Farkas so breathlessly warned, it was crucial to get the info out before the incoming Trump staff could save the new president from this felony-ridden invasion of privacy.

**By placing Obama/Clinton loyalists, willing to break any law in order to destroy or delegitimize Trump, in positions just under the directorships of the FBI, NSA, CIA, DIA and other IC agencies, Obama thought, after he left office, he’d be able to manipulate them to hurt the incoming Trump staff, undermining everything he did. This is why Trump had such a hard time initially and there were all these anti-Trump leaks. Source: “Even once Lynch, Clapper and Brennan were gone from our government, Obama and Jarrett had so sneakily placed their people, people who were real Marxist radicals, real Trump-haters, so deep into the underlying Directorships at the CIA, DNI and FBI, that the undermining could continue after Obama left the White House. It was like a ticking time bomb lying in wait for President Trump.”

**The Obama crew coordinated the entire conspiracy from beginning to end. It was only in October last year that they saw the diabolical opportunity to turn their wiretapping and surveillance crimes into a “Russian investigation” of Trump. “Obama saw the opportunity to switch the blame onto a fabricated fantasy of Trump collusion with Russia. It was classic disinformation,” my source told me.