Friday, May 19, 2017

Let's Hope It Chokes Miss Lindsey and Auntie Maxine...,

Mishtalk |  Bending to the will of Democrats and mainstream media, Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, cited ‘public interest’ in investigating Trump’s ties to Russia. As a matter of public interest,, Rosenstein named former FBI director Robert Mueller as Special Counsel for Russia Probe.

What’s the Real Mission?
  1. Republicans and Trump want to pacify the media and get this nonsense behind them.
  2. Democrats want this to drag on forever.
Peter King is correct in his assessment “These guys go on forever.”

As a byproduct of point number two, numerous witch hunts will take place as Democrats will want to investigate every lead, no matter how ridiculous.

The budget is open-ended and there are no time limits. The witch hunt could conceivably last for the duration of Trump’s presidency.

Much of Trump’s agenda will be on indefinite hold as the progress, or lack thereof, as the story unfolds.

The appointment of a special counsel does not change impeachment odds. For discussion, please see Impeachment Odds Approximately Zero