Saturday, September 14, 2013

tired of waiting?


Tom said...

Why can't we just hire Assad to bomb a bunch of Syrian cities? He obviously has all the equipment and people in place and working.

Ed Dunn said...

That lady smile in that video freeze shot is classic. Trust me, she does look like she wants to start WWIII

makheru bradley said...

Who needs Assad when Bibi is pissed off.

[The (July 5) Israeli military attack was unusual because it involved a submarine-launched cruise missile strike on the Syrian city of Latakia, a major port. The covert attack destroyed a stockpile of what was believed to be 50 new Russian-made anti-ship missiles called the Yakhont that U.S. officials said could be used against ships that will provide arms in the future to Syrian rebels.]
Would not surprise me if the USS Barry or the San Antonio was suddenly struck by missiles fired from Syria by Bibi