Friday, September 06, 2013

harridans and soulless whores in the flotsam and jetsam tanks...,

visibleorigami | I watching that corrupt hack John Kerry yesterday at the Senate hearings and I noticed, sitting behind him, this extraordinarily corrupt looking woman. The arrogance and imperious disdain on here features was palpable. She looked depraved in the way that only a lifetime of depravity will confer on a person. I wondered who she was. In the process of watching this dog and pony show, where Senate leaders were conveying virtual blowjobs on those being inquired of, one them, who had been playing poker on his cellphone the whole time (John McCain) mentioned how delighted they were to have the wife of John Kerry back in the flotsam/jetsam tank. It turned out to be her.

This is Origami and I do want to stay metaphysical so let's keep that in mind as we go. Looking at John Kerry's face was an experience.

The Satanic aspect of his persona was near hypnotic. If you play poker and... I have, enjoyably so, you know what a 'tell' is. Kerry was Tell City. The tics and giveaways were many. He was lying out of his ass, which I am confident happened to be on his neck at the time. He and his smug and 'in on it', privileged associates, on both ends of the charade, were engaged in a hideous mockery of all that they were put into power to defend against.

What is it that these twisted fiends want? What makes them think (how can they be so confident?) that they will get away with these massive violations? The forces arrayed against them are not inconsiderable. One answer is that the power of Israeli blackmail and dirty money leverage is so strong that all of these men and women are compelled to go along with it. On the other hand, Israel will definitely get hit, as well they should. There’s a real puzzle here. There's a real confidence on both sides. The bad guys, which are, at this moment, Israel and her bitch, America (England and France would be on this list but they're a tad stymied at the moment) seem to think they can do whatever they please. They're talking about a sixty day window of freedom to bomb at will with... with the option of another 30 days. It's ridiculous but... remember, 'no boots on the ground', 'no boots on the ground' as if that were to matter at all, given this enormous opportunity to carpet bomb Syria. What happened to the limited strikes over no more than several days? This was all a set up to go to a completely compromised, bought and sold congress, under the pretense of adhering to the letter of the law and coming away with far more than they would have had before.

Meanwhile, the confidence factor with the Syrian government, Hezbollah, Iran and Russia (don't forget China) is also very high. Someone has to be wrong in their presumptions. I can only pray and hope that it is the Satanic nation of Israel and their crack whore police state, bitch- America that's delusional about their optimism and capacity. I'm confident that both the United States and Israel are going down. Given that, it makes sense that sooner or later they will make the big mistake. Hubris is a guaranteed fall, quite often a spectacular fall and those fateful words of Nietzsche are indisputably true, “those whom the God's will destroy, they first drive mad.” We are seeing that. It's going on before our eyes.