Saturday, May 25, 2013

grassroots coopetition vs. stacked-deck competition

dream&hustle | What is being described as MOOC and MOOLOs is how the hacker/technology community been working together since some were phreaking dial tones to get free long distant calls (l0pht crew back at MIT early 1990s). The goal was not a master teacher a subservient student but providing information that can be tested, validated and distributed by those that receive the information and spread the knowledge throughout the network.

This is why I predicted that as much as people want to crack jokes about University of Phoenix, that institution may be the most disruptive force to the American education system as the "alumni" are learning to start talking to each other about knowledge and doing research and share that information with each other. They are also capable of distributing information as this was their discipline to learn. What traditional school in America has that kind of capability?!

Look at Africa and how their GDP is growing rapidly, especially in the technology sector - technologists including me and my people are training and sharing information with entrepreneurs in Africa who want to learn, who ask questions and we show them how to do it. Not only the people in Africa do it, they show each other and all of the top minds I know in the world is in Africa spreading education in the similar fashion and we are watching that information manifest itself throughout Africa. China is the same way with their investment - showing Africans how to run manufacturing instead of just "working them" like the Western countries would do. That instructional information is being spread rapidly through east, west, south and parts of central Africa.

Among my crew, I stated before on my blog - we all have an innovation center in our abode and we can collaboratively share information, validation information and package and disseminate information worldwide. As we share information, we identify who take the information and run with it and like Professor Xavier, we hunt them down as we found out who are the real change agents doing something that we can target with more information and instruction to teach others.

So yes, we are here in America forcing kids to be "superman" and know everything and have to take a test on that knowledge. How are our kids going to compete with "my kids" who we are providing instructions on how to create and operate a natural fruit stand in Nicaragua to running a "Sears" showroom/mail order catalog store in the Philippines? Our kids are sharing that information and that is the disruptive force that will manifest itself when American kids start turning 14 and realize the rest of the world is collaborative while the American kids have to still prepare for standardized testing.


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