Thursday, December 22, 2022

Whoever Made Up "Stochastic Terrorism" Needs To Be Shot With Hot Pee!!!

systemupdate |  Remember that shooting spree that killed five people in a gay bar in Colorado Springs just a little over three weeks ago? You'll be forgiven if you don't remember. That's because, after days of intense media scrutiny, that shooting spree has all but disappeared from our discourse. The reason? It appears, sadly, that this horrific episode cannot be blamed on the corporate media's political enemies.

The reason we heard so much at first about these Colorado Springs murders, as opposed to the countless other mass murder sprees happening in the U.S. every week that are apolitical in nature is that the media were sure they instantly knew the motive of the killer. He was, of course, a gay-hating, right-wing, Fox News-watching fanatic motivated by a deep contempt for LGBTs to the point that he wanted to murder them. Almost nothing was known about the killer. Even less was known about his motive.

But that made no difference. We were instantly subjected to a gleeful orgy from left-liberal political and media precincts, insisting that the real killers, the ones who had blood on their hands, were not so much the killer himself, but conservatives who express criticism of the LGBT dogma -- usually the T part of that equation. Tucker Carlson; Chris Rufo; The Libs of TikTok Twitter accounts, various from Republican politicians: the usual list of enemies of the media.

These people, the media's ideological enemies, were blamed for this shooting in Colorado Springs, even though the media had no idea whether the killer had any opinion about those people they had blamed or whether he had even heard of all of them or any of them. They just asserted, with absolutely no evidence, that the killer was motivated by anti-LGBT antipathy, that he was taught by Fox News and whatever other individual politicians or activists most hated by whichever media figure was assigning the blame.

Less than 24 hours after those murders, Pete Buttigieg who was apparently still the secretary of transportation, even though he seemed to talk about everything except transportation, wasted no time in penning the blame on his ideological enemies. Quote: “If you're a politician or media figure who sets up the LGBT community to be hated and feared -- not because any of us ever harmed you, but because you find it useful -- then don't you dare act surprised when this kind of violence follows. Don't you dare act surprised”

Bernie Sanders did not even wait until the next day. On the very day of the shooting, he apparently knew everything about the motive of the killer and who was to blame. Quote: "Let's be clear, the terrible shooting in Colorado Springs this weekend is a direct result of the hateful and violent rhetoric that has been allowed to grow in this country. We must stand united with the LGBTQ+ community and speak out against bigotry everywhere we find it”. 

That social conservatives, especially those who descend from some planks of this very new gender ideology dogma, were the real killers, was instantly consecrated as truth, even though it never had and still does not have a shred of evidence. In fact, lawyers for the suspect, Anderson Lee Aldridge, said in the very first court filings that Aldridge identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.

News reports then discovered that Aldridge had sought a name change at the age of 15 and then suffered online bullying, centered on mocking him as a homosexual. From the start, the police have said and continue to say they do not know his motive. And while some online extremism experts began doubting the authenticity of Aldridge's self-identification as non-binary, suggesting that perhaps he's just trolling -- who knew that such doubts were allowed now over someone's expressed sexual orientation? Perhaps that's only confined to these “online extremism experts” -- the picture that began emerging was very unclear at best and bereft of evidence to support the preferred narrative.

That's why this media spree completely disappeared from sight. Without the ability to blame it on one's political adversaries, all the fun is gone. It has no utility and thus is of no interest in the media any longer. Nobody ever cared about those victims. The victims are only of interest if they can be exploited for political gain. All of this reflects one of the most demented and soulless new political tactics to eagerly blame every mass shooting attack on one's political enemies, regardless of whether there is evidence to support that accusation. 

Now, just imagine. Seriously, just imagine how so sociopathic you have to be to hear about a mass shooting spree with multiple innocent victims and eagerly wait for the green light to blame your political opponents for the dead people. And if that doesn't come about because the motive isn't what you hoped for or you can't determine it, you just lose interest in the entire crime, or you just fall back onto the standard tactic of blaming your enemies anyway, because they're the reasons that guns were available in the first place. 

All of this, in turn, is based on an even more insidious premise that words do not merely express ideas but are themselves violence. This is the rotted premise, the principle one that is causing more and more people to embrace the virtues of censorship. The idea that having centralized state and corporate authorities ban certain ideas is necessary to keep us safe because those ideas themselves are violent. For people who think this way, there is no difference between expressing an idea and pulling the trigger of a gun because in their worldview, as they themselves say, words are literal violence. Literal violence.


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