Saturday, December 31, 2022

Great Reset, Or Else...,

pamho  |  The plan is to make Stockholder ideology, oops, sorry, *Stakeholder* ideology THE ideology of a new world system of governing. Leading non-governmental organizations — like The UN, The World Bank, The IMF, along with the biggest corporations and investment funds — and of course the governments of America, Europe, Asia and so on — they will kindly ask our new African friends to pretty please join our save-the-world party. The leaders of countries and businesses who don’t want to hop aboard the Stakeholder express, well, they don’t want to make all those groups and people have a sad at them do they? We are all in this together people.

Soon enough the African countries will “see the smart thing to do.” Capeesh? Like giving up on “advancing their economy” in favor of “saving the world” so Babs and Granpa Snooty feel like they are saving the world by telling them what they can and can’t do. And of course since batteries are such an important part of saving the world, “everyone” will have to pitch in and help the worldwide group effort. And wouldn’t you know it, it just so happens that the stuff that needs to be mined to make lots of powerful batteries are stuck, by gosh — under the ground in the underdeveloped world! Wow, what a coincidence!

So instead of their economy being based on uplifting their people out of their underdeveloped state, they can now focus on being good people! Good people who know their place in the worldwide effort to “save our planet!” Which means they must renounce the dirty fossil fuels they say will make them rich like America and Europe. I mean, fossil fuels are so damaging to our shared prosperity in our new Stakeholder world, right? People in Manhattan and London have just as much right as people in the Congo and Bolivia to say what the rules of industry are for the Congo and Bolivia because WE ARE THE STAKEHOLDER NOW!

Sure, some cynics might say that rich people from the developed world in reality just don’t want what they believe are “the limited stores of oil and gas left in the world,” to be “wasted” on building up Africa or other underdeveloped areas of the world.

But no no no, that cynicism is what Stakeholder Capitalism is supposed to put to rest. Don’t be cynical, because The Great Reset is all about equity, inclusion, AND anti-racism. Being good stewards of the environment, stopping climate change, and other words meant to make them look good is what it’s all about baby. It’s most definitely not about “creating a worldwide enforcement system funded by the richest and most powerful capitalists in the world to make themselves richer and more powerful.”

It’s also NOT about keeping undeveloped nations undeveloped so a cheap labor force can continue to be exploited in mines and factories. The new and purehearted “green economy” is about equity, clean air, buzzword, and another buzzword. So what if you can’t travel when and where and how you want? You will be safely made to take your medicine when you are told, and safely made to show your papers when you are told. No more scarey free speech and freedom to live as you choose! That’s old selfish extremist thinking. You must think the right safe thoughts. You must. No, really. YOU MUST.

The Great Reset also includes some newer ideas for newer “problems,” like a system to be set up for worldwide coordinated reaction to health-based “emergencies.” I mean, you can’t have the common non-rich people making the rich nervous by breathing near them can you? If it is flu season we don’t nay WE WILL NOT ALLOW Sally the waitress to be able to breath properly if the person she is serving has a trust fund. What to speak of flying on the same plane. I mean private jets don’t grow on trees people. It’s so much simpler to make sure Sally is kept from causing any potential harm she might bring to Justin and Jules on their bi-weekly getaway to the islands. So a no-fly list for Sally is best. She can visit her sick Dad next year when the flu isn’t so bad. PRIORITIES PEOPLE! The Great Reset knows best.