Thursday, December 29, 2022

An Important Lesson That A U.S. Administration That Actually Cares About American Security Should Heed...,

MKRU  |  In Russia, you really need to live a long time in order to finally hear not from the communists, not from the people's patriotic opposition, but from the head of state: people who pump money out of here are dangerous for the country. Significant change in rhetoric.

Thirty years ago, in 1992, Yeltsin spoke in the US Congress and, just like Zelensky the other day, ended his speech with the words: “Lord! Bless America!" And before that, he invited the United States to investigate the communist past of the USSR - "these dark pages of the former empire." They surrendered the great country and began to rapidly turn it into a gas station, a weak-willed Western protectorate, building peripheral capitalism here.

Putin, who came to power (here you will have to deal with generalizations and look at the whole), could not go into open confrontation with the pro-Western Russian elites without plunging the country into chaos. And started a long journey. Remember how many times over the years you have had to be surprised: the president says the right things, but the output turned out to be something wrong. Well, at least with the same import substitution - visibility, fraud for reports.

Everything changed in February. Putin had warned (and more than once) the oligarchs long before that – keep your money at home, it’s better at home, and abroad you are tormented by courts to swallow dust in order to unlock assets. And so it happened.

But the freeze did not end there. The US Senate passed the defense budget, which contains an amendment to confiscate Russian private assets in US jurisdiction. Canada did something similar before. The oligarchs who fell under the distribution are not sorry for a second - they got what they deserved. However, the important thing is that this money will be used to help Ukraine.

A simple logical chain: the oligarchs ripped off Russia, taking funds abroad, and now the collective apad will kill Russian soldiers with these funds.

Although the word "oligarchs" (simply their assets are the most significant) in this case is rather narrow. Putin, answering a question from journalists on December 22, 2022, put it more precisely: “If a person does not associate his life with this country, but simply takes money out of here, and everything is there, abroad, then he values ​​​​not the country in which he lives and where earns, but cherishes good relations where he has property and money in his accounts. And such people are a danger to us.”

What do they do with people who are dangerous to society?

However, these Putin's words are not a guide to action for those who are supposed to, but an announcement of these actions for those who can still come to their senses. No wonder he made a reservation in the spirit of “even a tuft of wool from a black sheep”: “But we are loyal to everyone. The main thing is to work efficiently.”

Believe it or not, 20 years have passed between the phrase “you are tormented to swallow the dust” and its implementation. In Russia, you really have to live a long time. Although since February, everything has unimaginably accelerated.




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