Friday, December 16, 2022

Huntergate 2.0 - The MSM Largely Blacked Out Coverage Of The Twitter File Drops

FoxNews |  CBS News, ABC News and NBC News did not cover the story, while CNN only mentioned it once.  While the files have dominated discussion on Twitter, a site known to facilitate discussions among members of the press, on-air coverage of the internal documents has been almost nonexistent. 

Since Fridaynetworks have only discussed the Twitter files for a combined total of 14 minutes. The term "Twitter files" has only been used six times on-air over the same span of time, according to a review of Grabien transcripts by Fox News Digital. 

The fifth installment of Elon Musk's "Twitter Files" Monday revealed that staffers believed that tweets written by former President Trump around the events of Jan. 6 had not actually violated its policies against incitement despite the company saying so at the time.

The Twitter Files began on Dec. 2 with Matt Taibbi revealing internal efforts to suppress the New York Post's Hunter Biden story in 2020.

Bari Weiss reported the second installment of the Twitter Files Thursday which revealed the company "blacklisting" or shadow banning certain tweets and users. 

Parts three and four were dedicated to outlining what led to Trump being removed from Twitter on Jan. 8, 2021. Musk reinstated Trump's Twitter account in November.

CBS News, ABC News, and NBC News have not discussed the Twitter files in the last week.  

"You look now, and they’re talking of course about Hunter Biden’s laptop. They’re in the middle of this Twitter thing that I swear I’ve tried to read through a thousand times and figure out exactly what they’re trying to prove, and if they’re proving anything, what, maybe that Twitter made decisions that they didn’t like," MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said on Monday, briefly alluding to the files. 

The Monday evening newscasts were filled with discussions about Twitter, including criticisms of Musk and the re-release of Twitter Blue. However, the Twitter files never came up on the networks, except a brief reference on NBC News when a reporter discussed how former top Twitter official Yoel Roth was forced to leave his home after receiving death threats. 

Left-wing MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan was the one pundit who offered a full on-air block to the story Sunday, in which he argued that the Twitter files showed no evidence of a company bias against conservatives. 

"Do the Twitter files show evidence of left-wing bias on Twitter?," Hasan asked rhetorically. "No. In fact, the whole Twitter-discriminates-against conservatives-line that Elon or his spin merchants, conservative journalists, like to spout, is literally the opposite of the truth."



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