Saturday, December 17, 2022

One Hopes For "Dying American Influence" Rather Than "AMLO Dying"...,

CTH  |  Joe Biden and Canada’s Justin Trudeau are in ideological alignment, willing to destroy the entire North American economy as they construct the new climate change energy systems for the U.S and Canada.  However, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador (AMLO) has already indicated -including direct statements to Joe Biden at the White House– that he is not willing to put the Mexican economy into collapse and try to engineer an economic future on solar panels and windmills.

That puts Mexican President AMLO in the crosshairs of a unified climate change agenda as outlined by the World Economic Forum and western leadership under the guise of the Build Back Better agenda.  In essence, AMLO goes from socialist hero of the unionized left to becoming a target.  CTH has been saying we need to watch carefully how this plays out because a great deal of the western economic agenda hangs in the balance.

Now that AMLO has taken a pragmatic position on energy development {Go Deep} his lack of alignment means the apparatus of the United States government, the proverbial Eye of Sauron, will target him.  Not coincidentally, the public relations firm for the deepest part of the interventionist intelligence apparatus, the Washington Post, now outlines AMLO as the specific person responsible for the explosion in fentanyl use.

(Washington Post) – […] A new Mexican leader rejected the $3 billion anti-narcotics agreement that had spanned three U.S. presidencies, known as the Mérida Initiative. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a veteran leftist who took office in December 2018, argued that the drug war strategy had sent homicides spiraling in Mexico while failing to curb U.S. demand.

The sniffer flights stopped. Águila was sidelined and his battle-hardened commandos were reassigned. López Obrador rebuffed U.S. offers for new drug-detection technology. Mexico shut down a pivotal base where the special forces had worked with U.S. agents. It even took away the parking spot for the DEA’s plane at an airport outside Mexico City. (read more)

The Washington Post defining ALMO as “a veteran leftist” as if that is against their interests is rather funny. The article walks through AMLO, a devout Mexican nationalist, trying to remove the influence of the U.S. government, and by extension contributing to the explosion of cross-border drug trafficking.

To accept the ‘AMLO is the cause of U.S. drug deaths’ narrative is to ignore the Biden administration effort to weaken the Southern U.S. border, but that’s a mere detail when you are constructing a narrative that has deeper intentions than appear on the surface.   The bigger picture is shaping a narrative intended to create AMLO as an enemy of the American people.

Nice country you got there AMLO, it’d be a shame if something happened to it… Now, about that oil, coal and natural gas use…

Without a doubt this narrative building will escalate, step by step until pressure mounts and AMLO acquiesces to join the economic model demanded by the WEF as executed by the United States through Biden energy policy.   There are trillions at stake and multinational corporate laundry operations to maintain.

Just keep watching… look for how the Biden administration specifically messages toward and around Mexico.


Mexico is in a position to get Brazil’d.

I’m fairly confident we are going to hear a lot more about Mexico very soon.




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