Monday, January 24, 2022

You Mess With The Kang's Money, You Pay With Your Life!!!

jsonline  |  Last week, the robbery suspect, Antoine Z. Edwards, was charged with felony murder and intentionally contributing to the delinquency of a child with death as a consequence — another felony.

Edwards and his own 16-year-old daughter, who is described as Harris-Brazell’s best friend, told police they coordinated with Harris-Brazell to stage the robbery in order to steal money, according to the criminal complaint.

The document showed no additional evidence Harris-Brazell conspired with the two on the staged robbery, and her family has argued she had no reason to steal money.

Ellis was not in on the staged robbery and fired at the suspect after seeing him leaning into a drive-thru window and waving a gun around in the direction of Harris-Brazell.

Edwards and his daughter did not tell police it was part of the plan for Edwards to lean into the window. Edwards said he did so because Harris-Brazell, who was working the drive-thru register, did not immediately hand over the cash, court documents said.

The incident occurred the evening of Jan. 2, shortly after the restaurant closed.

Ellis and Edwards are in Milwaukee County jail. As of Thursday morning, Ellis did not have a first court appearance scheduled. Edwards’ cash bail was set at $100,000 on Sunday.

According to court records:

Surveillance camera footage shows that as Harris-Brazell alerted other coworkers to the robbery, a manager at the restaurant called out to Ellis, who usually carried a gun with him to work.

Ellis peered around a door into the drive-thru window area as the robbery suspect waived a gun around. From about 20 feet away, Ellis pressed his body against the door and fired one-handed from around the corner of the door.

Harris-Brazell stood in between Ellis and the suspect. She suffered gunshot wounds to her chest.




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