Thursday, January 20, 2022

Have You Discovered The Beginning So That You Can Look For The End? |  The natural evolution of Man is finished now, within the lifetime of the average reader. The fifth stage of planetary evolution of life is the final stage of evolution by natural selection. Thus, any "next step" in evolution must be taken technologically by the species itself if it is to be taken at all. Any such step to a sixth stage of evolution must paradoxically involve the reimposition of a sort of positive internal control, somehow without giving up genetic deprogramming.

The fact that rigid and foolproof control must be established to eliminate destructive competition, while at the same time genetic control must remain relinquished if intelligence is to be retained, is the precise, contradictory, solitary human problem. It is this hard nut that all systems, organizations, governments, societies, sciences, theorists, religious leaders, meglomaniacs, dictators, portificators, and well-meaning but ignorant visionaries and humanitarians have failed to chew and swallow since time immemorial. The usual solution advanced is this. "If everyone would just be a perfect citizen, behave ideally, and love and help everyone else always, then the problem would be solved."

Any fool will agree with that; the proposition is incredibly naive and a tautology. The question is, "How, pray tell, can one get all persons to be perfect?" Law, logic, philosophy, creed, religion, practice, love, sacrifice, money, the ballot, and the bullet -- all of these have empirically proven that they cannot solve the human problem for all humanity. Since none of the solutions advanced to date can solve the problem, we must discard them all and search for a new approach. And a Teilhardian solution indeed emerges if one ponders diligently. The solution can be synthesized into two parts: each individual human must possess an internal mechanism for generating appropriate limits to personal behavior, and there must exist a totally reliable external process to implant or induce the internal mechanism. And one would also hope for the "maximum individual freedom within the constraints of minimum essential inter-individual control."

The only viable solution is to link the brains of all men into one giant superbraln. it is the entire species which has been developing, and it is the entire species which now must be linked into one superbeing. Jung's collective unconscious must acquire a single integrated consciousness, instead of the fragmented billions it now possesses. Each mancell must function individually within its own sphere, but in intermancell harmony under the control of a single linked-species nervous system.

This linkage must b6 accomplizhed technologically by creating and installing a system of direct communication links between all men's individual brains. A most curious phenomenon occurs whenever two nervous system brains are directly linked together so that each can perceive no temporal delay between the two; the engs, egos, and personalities o: the two brains integrate and merge into one being, one ego, and one personality. Thus linkage admirably ends the destructive competition between the formerly separated brains.

E.g., suppose you and I have linked our brains. If I am you and you are me, then "we" shall find it impossible to disadvantage "each other" since "we" and "each other" no longer exist. I.e., only one "I" remains in the two linked brains, integrated in both of them. So the "one" cannot kill the "other" because no "other" any longer separately exists.

In fact, absolute proof of the "single-being" identity of two linked brains unequivocally exists. The human brain (cerebrum) is composed of left and right hemispheres, completely separated except for a thick connecting cable of nerve fibers called the corpus callosum. Essentially the left cerebral hemisphere controls the right side of the body and the right cerebral hemisphere controls the left side of the body. With two brains in charge, one half (usually the left) almost always dominates, and each of the two halves specializes. However, signals from one half are immediately transmitted to the second half, preventing the second half from detecting any difference or time delay between itself and the primary half. I.e., the second half gets an immediate "wiggle" and perceives that it, the second half, originated the wiggle,

When consciousness can perceive no difference, identity results, just as separate movie frames appear continuous (each two appear one) when flashed at 22 framres per second. Thus in one's own body, two brains are integrated into one functional brain and one perceptual personaliLy. There is no conscious separation of the two brain hemispherical perceptions, and one consciously is aware of only one being or continuity, himself. In humans whose corpus callosums have been severed, the two brains exhibit separate consciousnesses and separate "personalities."


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