Sunday, January 16, 2022

DoD Analysis And Assessment Of The Gateway Process |  Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process 

Gary Fong's Gateway Process Video Playlist

vice |  The Gateway Report is so dense in parts, it compromises its own accessibility. The goal of my initial synthesis was to create a written and visual experience (including, ahem, some premium custom graphics) that might help folks without a PHD in quantum physics benefit from its huge thinking. 

It struck a nerve. 

Over the course of a 3-week period, millions of readers made their way through an admittedly arduous editorial obstacle course. Studios reached out. 

Two days after the article’s release, we inserted an invitation: 

“Have you had an experience with The Monroe Institute, Hemi-Sync or had an out-of-body experience? Get in touch:” 

Thousands of emails came in from folks all over the world who described their out-of-body experiences. To me, it signaled the possibility that many of us are searching for something more than what seems currently available. To describe my experience in telling this story and the search in many senses, I produced a visual reinterpretation of page 25.


'The Gateway' is a high-resolution digital image of a print of the missing page 25 of the CIA's Gateway Report. It contains 659 digital micro-inscriptions of out-of-body experience accounts, that only become visible at 300%+ magnification.

Just look closer.


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