Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Why Do These Mengeles Want Children To Suffer From mRNA Long Vaccinoid?

What are Fauci and the pedophobe pediatrician smoking? That pediatrician MUST NOT HAVE kids of his own.  The neo-vaccinoids were tested on only 2,268 youngsters aged 5 to 12:

The pediatrician: “Given how infectious Delta is and other variants, everyone’s eventually going to get vaccinated or COVID.”

NO. Since the neo-vaccinoids are not sterilizing, everyone is going to get COVID, neo-vaccinoided or not.  

So Stop Lying...,

Children face much less risk from the virus and face much higher risk from the neo-vaccinoids. 

Fortunately many pediatricians understand this and are not pushing neo-vaccinoids, which begs the question, why is the Slate framing the decision to do so in such a net positive when the science is far from certain?

How many parents trusted the doctors who said, with authority, that pain is the sixth vital sign, filled the miracle opioid Rx they were given, and had their kids turn into opioid addicts?




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