Friday, November 05, 2021

Never Attribute To Malice That Which Can Be Explained By Stupidity

What we now know: 

1. Pfizer and others have a track record of racketeering. And the medical establishment receives a lot of money from big Pharma

2.  The Pfizer vaccine trials were fabricated – faulty to be charitable

3. The vaccine has rapidly waning efficacy

4. The Lancet paper shows that it does not prevent infection of or transmission by the vaccinated

5. Public Health England data indicates the vaccinated are more likely to contract the infection than unvaccinated, though paradoxically, the fatality rate for vaccinated is lower – but this may be because of issues in calculating the dominator, ie, the total number of unvaccinated

6. The VAERS, Eurovigilance and Yellow Card system all indicate vaccine-caused deaths and side-effects, far in excess of anything recorded for a prior vaccine – which the medical establishment is refusing to acknowledge / investigate

7. Recent analyses of VAERS data shows that the majority of deaths / side effects are concentrated in certain manufacturing lots, indicating that the scaling-up of manufacturing is not sufficiently quality controlled to be consistent.

8. There has been a concerted campaign by governments, media and the medical establishment to prevent early treatment protocols and mention of them

9. Uncertain longer term affects including ADE, etc

10. And in spite of all of the above emerging evidence, governments are doubling down on efforts to enforce vaccine mandates.

Move along, nothing to see here.

In regard to the above, Hanlon's Razor beckons us to believe that:

Officialdom has gone all in with vaccines because they see it as the path to keeping the economy open. They are too committed to that path, and not engaging in lock downs long enough to get infections down, and THEN to use quarantines and contact tracing. The US has been utterly un-serious about quarantines. Quarantines are perceived as being too punitive and perhaps too likely to produce a backlash.

Vaccine passports are basically a confidence scheme as well as part of a denial mechanism (that contagion is due to being unvaxxed, not the neo-vaccinoids having no sterilizing efficacy while rapidly fading over time). Vaccine passports are less difficult than a testing regime and contact tracing - and - can be outsourced to the private sector, thus buying friends.

Astonishingly false statements about the neovaccinoids predominate in the media and institutional mainstreams, the biggest being the make-believe that the neo-vaccinoids confer sterilizing immunity. Consequently, this counterfactual consensus delusion goes to the very top of institutional and political decision structures.


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