Tuesday, November 16, 2021

What End-Stage Civil War Gaslighting Looks Like...,

Minorities, working class females, refugees, indentured 1099 gig-serfs - none of these people are in any kind of position to “tear each other’s faces off” in American Civil War 2.0.

The working class is the most integrated sector of America. Most of the black folk I know don’t have much interest in BLM. Most are likely to ask “What do you have to say about the violence in the hood?” None of the black folk I know have any interest in the race baiters at CNN. MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, NPR, those jokers are for idiotic comfortable white folks, the pretty people.

Most of the white working class folk I know aren’t interested in any of that gas either. They're too busy trying to get by, take care of family etc. Now find a politician that doesn’t have a platinum tongue, who walks the talk about forcing industry to come back to America, and who threatens the rich with high wages for those folk or watch your holdings get repurposed. See what happens then. Watch as the pretty people show their true colors as the real race baiters.

We’ve got a family friend who is a shift manager at a local Starbucks. The chain closed 8,000 stores in 2018 for a day of racial sensitivity training. The sensitivity trainer surveyed the group of workers at our friend’s location. They stared back at him. After a moment, everyone broke out laughing. There was nary a marginalized minority who was not represented among them.

1% Media/Social Network Activists and White kids’ co-opting movements or appropriating and spinning the utter HORROR of being poor and Black in America has precious little to do with Black Lives Matter.  Conflating this with Comcast-ATT-Fox-Disney-Viacom - again monetizing poor worker deaths by cop, OR, prodding the working poor into hellish gig-serfdom, to intentionally infect vulnerable loved-ones, flip their apartments; then further break them down into homelessness - IS what Taibbi, Greenwald… basically all your HEROS studiously ignore. 


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