Thursday, November 11, 2021

"The United States Government Is Not In The Habit Of Conducting Disinformation On American Citizens...,"

GQ  |  What’s the consensus around how these things fly?

Right now one of the leading theories out there is that someone has figured out a way to manipulate space-time and, in essence, master the idea of antigravity.

So if you see a UAP moving left to right, it’s not “flying” left to right, it’s bending that space towards it?

Correct. Current hypothesis is that it creates a bubble around it and that bubble is insulating itself from the space-time that all of us experience. And so, therefore, the way it experiences space-time within the bubble is fundamentally different from outside the bubble. 

How many presidents have been briefed on the issue and do you know who engaged the most?

I know, as a matter of fact, three presidents have been briefed at some point, but I’m not going to disclose who they were and what was discussed. That’s not up for me to talk about.

In cultural depictions of UFOs, who do you think has got the closest to reality?

I would have to say Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. I just recently saw it for the first time and I was shocked at some of the performance characteristics and how they depicted the UAPs, because that is exactly how they’ve been described in some, up until recently, very classified US documents.

What in particular?

The description of how they do right-angle turns at very fast velocity, the illumination, the shapes of some of these craft. [Steven] Spielberg definitely had somebody on the inside that was giving him information, for sure. I mean there’s a lot of that movie that, if you know what you’re looking at, is very, very close to real life.

Some suggest that the post-2017 UAP disclosure narrative is actually just a government disinformation effort or psyops campaign. What do you say to that?

At no time since I’ve been involved with AATIP has my government been involved in an active disinformation campaign, other than initially denying that it was real. The United States government is not in the habit of conducting disinformation on American citizens. There was a time when our government did do that and got caught and so congress passed laws to make sure that will never happen again. 

What can you tell us about what’s coming up in 2022, in terms of new evidence that may come to light or new developments?

I think we’ll see a lot more participation by the international community and a lot more transparency. We’re going to begin sharing information a lot more and I think people may be surprised just how much information is possessed on this topic by other countries. My only hope is that the UK will be able to do the same thing. Much for the same reason that the United States didn’t want to admit that UFOs were real, I suspect the UK [doesn’t] as well. What I can tell you is during my time in AATIP it was very apparent to me that there were certain elements within the royal family that were very interested in this topic. I will not elaborate any more than that. And I hope that those voices within the royal family can be heard, because it is an important topic, perhaps one of the greatest topics that affects all of mankind, all of humanity. And I think if we’re smart, this will be a topic that will help unify us and not divide us.


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