Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Sum'n Not Right With The Continuing Emphasis On Hygiene Theater....,

The evidence for aerosol transmission is now so solid that you have to wonder why just about everyone in authority refuses to sign on. For my part, I start by excluding the possibility that they’re uninformed or misinformed. Something else must be at work. 
My conclusions:
1) The administration, governors, and others - are responding to their real constituencies who care little about public health and are clamoring to get the economy back on track without any consequential additional costs;
2) These political authorities know very well that doing so requires A) ignoring or slighting the fact of aerosol transmission and B) focusing instead on low-cost distractions such as masks, disinfectants and plexiglass barriers;
3) They also know that this means Covid will continue to be a public emergency, and here's the key;
4) They have gamed a way to avoid any culpability for the resulting wave of additional deaths, lung transplants and prolonged and perhaps permanent disabilities due to impairment of long-Covid sufferers’ major organs;
5) The authorities calculate they personally will be fine by the time they leave office for quiet but plush and safe Covid-free obscurity (like Newsom at the French Laundry, or in bunkers or off to New Zealand).
6) They want to prevent and delay aerosol mitigation long enough to turn the rona into a permanent endemic disease, on purpose and with malice of forethought.

6A) Investors need a new "big win". The synthetic biology complex wants to sell high-priced high-margin boosters every year for the next several years. That requires a steady reservoir of permarona in the population to keep breeding up new variants that will be used to scare up new supplicants for additional mRNA boosters. 
6B) The fact that mRNA therapeutics are themselves dangerous and will worsen the potency of variants may work to profitably kill off a few billion surplus laborers whose services are no longer needed - all the while making it look like an accident.


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