Sunday, May 23, 2021

Killer-Ape Shenanigans Bubbling Just Beneath The Surface Of Consensus Reality...,

hopenothate |  The Order of Nine Angles is a Nazi-Satanist “group” (or Nazi Occult as they prefer to describe themselves) that promotes a supernatural, hateful system of thought which condemns liberal, Judeo-Christian society and longs for a new imperial age created by a ludicrous sub-Nietzschean superman figure called ‘Vindex.’ Ultimately, the O9A elite aspires to colonise the solar system.

The racist order deifies Hitler and the Third Reich, which are regarded as having attempted to create a “Satanic empire” in order to achieve the destiny of the western world.

Much of the O9A writings and activities appear on the surface quite comical. The chanting, the dressing up, the rituals. 

The Mass of Heresy, contained within the ONA’s Black Book of Satan, is performed before an altar adorned with a swastika banner, a framed photograph of Hitler and a copy of Mein Kampf. With black candles and incense of Mars burning, the congregation, dressed in black robes, chant:

We believe Adolf Hitler was sent by our gods To guide us to greatness.
 We believe in the inequality of the races

And in the right of the Aryans to live According to the laws of the folk.

In The Ceremony of Recalling, the Preistess blindfolds the Priest and takes him to each member of the congregation who kiss him. After being lifted on an alter containing “red candles and quartz tetrahedron”, the Priest has his robe removed by the Priestess as the others walk around him. After performing a sexual act on the Priest, the Priestess removes the robes of the congregation. Meanwhile, the Mistress, dressed in a white robe, “takes the person she has chosen and indulges herself according to her desire. The congregation consume the consecrated cakes [made from wheat, water, egg, honey, animal fat and marijuana] and wine and take their own pleasures according to their desires.” The ceremony ends with the killing of a chosen one; in a symbolic sacrifice, an animal replaces a person. On the next new moon, the congregation consume cakes containing the sacrificial victim’s blood.

But behind the fantasy and roleplay lies a very sinister organisation which has the potential to inspire their followers to commit extreme acts of violence. 

The O9A believes civilisation must be undermined and destroyed from within, so adherents are encouraged to be as grubby and horrible as they like – committing crimes, random acts of violence, sexual assaults, and even the “culling” of human victims.

The three volumes of The Black Book of Satan are considered so extreme that they are kept is a special section of the British Library and not available to the general public. There is repeated talk of “culling”, committing acts of violence and destabilisation and even terrorism. In the The Dreccian Way, an O9A training manual written by leader Richard Moult, followers are encouraged not just to commit crime, but to “spread it, encourage it, incite it, support it”.

O9A literature regularly advocates ritualised rape, random attacks on innocent victims and “human culling”. The Black Book of Satan volume 3 describes how the Spring Equinox should be celebrated by a human sacrifice of somebody who volunteers for the role by their bad deeds, which, it suggests, could be “a Nazarene, such as an interfering investigative journalist.” 

“Culling is natural and necessary,” wrote Moult in The Dreccian Way. “To cull humans is to be the ONA. To cull – according to our guildlines and tests – is what makes us ONA.”


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