Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Fsck The DNC!!! Why Not Offer Kneegrows Some Fried Chicken And Watermelon?

getyourbootytothepoll |  REGISTER. RESEARCH. VOTE. 

How do you get your booty to the poll? It’s easy as 1-2-3!


Deadlines vary depending on the state, so just register now bruh. It literally takes like 2 minutes. You can register to vote here: Register to Vote Online
There is some shady mess going on out there, so even if you think you are registered, double check it. You can do that here: Am I Registered to Vote?


There is a lot more than the president on the ballot, and you need to know who cares about the stuff that will help you and yours and who DGAF. A lot of polls won’t let you take out your phone when voting, so print your sample ballot or write down your choices. You can download a sample ballot here: Personalized Ballot | VOTE411
If you’re looking at your sample ballot thinking, “WTF do these folks even do?” you are not alone. You can find information on candidates, referendums and what the various political offices are responsible for here: BallotReady: Vote Informed on the Entire Ballot
Still not sure who to vote for? This website tells you what candidates have the same beliefs as you.

Vote Early.

Most states have early voting. Vote early and avoid the lines. And yeah, you still get the sticker. There is some shady mess happening with the post office, so if you don’t have a completed mail-in ballot mailed by Oct 3rd, just plan to vote in person. Check how early you can vote in your state here: Early Voting Calendar


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