Thursday, September 17, 2020

Biden Campaign Conquering Worlds In Latino Las Vegas...,

nypost  |  President Trump on Sunday made his case to Hispanic voters at a “Latinos for Trump” roundtable in Las Vegas — often at the expense of his Democratic challenger.

“While Joe Biden failed Hispanic-Americans, I’ve delivered for Hispanic-Americans more than any other president,” Trump said. “I’m fighting for you every single day, and you understand that better than anybody.”

Touting his “unwavering devotion” to the Latino community, Trump specifically cited his administration’s cuts of taxes and regulations, and the speed with which the economy has bounced back following the worst of the coronavirus shutdown.

But Trump also picked up where he left off at a Saturday night rally in Reno, Nev., slamming the record of former Vice President Biden.

“Joe Biden has spent 47 years betrayed the Hispanic-American community totally, sending their jobs to China, raising taxes on their family and small businesses, making their communities less safe, attacking their values and trapping their children in failing government schools,” Trump charged.
“He’s in his basement right now and he’s saying, ‘What do I do?'”


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