Monday, June 15, 2020

Mayor Quinton: Performing "Blackness" While Pandering To The Police

tonyskansascity |  It's time for Mayor Quinton Lucas to pick a side.

There's no way to politic out a difficult decision that threatens to change the course of Kansas City's future irrevocably.

And so, the community needs an answer from Mayor Quinton Lucas. Police also deserve to know where they stand with City Hall

Thankfully, one of the smartest TKC readers made the issue crystal clear and wrote about the mixed messages in no uncertain terms . . . Checkit:

"Mayor Lucas needs to be called out for being weak-kneed and two-faced. Posturing with BLM protesters while pandering to KCPD."

Remember . . .

The Mayor signed on to #BlackLivesMatter demands during a protest on City Hall steps. Local control of KCPD was #1 on that list.

However . . .

This week Mayor Lucas drew ire from supporters for a thank you note to the KCPD which was so cringe-y that Council Lady Katheryn Shields skipped it and earned more political credibility from both police and residents for at least being honest with her reasoning and avoiding the empty publicity stunt.

Accordingly . . .


His non-binding agreement with BLM doesn't ring true if it's followed up by a confessional love letter addressed to police.

Even worse, our local media FAIL to question the mayor on his duplicity and would, seemingly, rather play sycophant or simply lack perspective on this importance of this issue.

Mayor Lucas has needlessly created confusion on "local control" wherein the two sides are clearly defined. There is no middle-ground in this discussion. The future of police in Kansas City and across the nation are now at a critical crossroads and the question of governance is at the crux of the dilemma. The longer the Mayor waits to make his position clear, the less his words matter. As Kansas City suffers historic unrest and record-breaking deadly crime, demands for police accountability start with Mayor Lucas.


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