Friday, December 06, 2019

Rabbi Says "Assimilated Yidden" Have Forgotten Their Place...,

occidentaldissent |  Rick Wiles and Doc Burkhart are doing the Lord’s work:

“Jewish Twitter is erupting in anger over the latest incendiary video from an anti-Semitic website, this one asserting that the impeachment inquiry into President Trump was a “Jew coup.”
TruNews, the creator of the video, said YouTube had “banned us again” because of the “Godcast,” published on Friday. In it, the site’s founder, a non-denominational pastor named Rick Wiles, and Doc Burkhart, the site’s general manager, highlight Jewish Democrats connected to impeachment.
Outraged Jewish leaders and others called on Twitter, Apple and other platforms to ban TruNews as well, the latest flare in the ongoing wars over the boundary between free speech and hate crimes. …”
“An American pastor and radio host warned of a “Jew coup” to impeach U.S. President Donald Trump on Christian site TruNews.
“This impeach Trump movement is a Jewish coup. And the American people better wake up to it really fast,” said Rick Wiles, a non-denominational pastor at Flowing Streams Church in Florida and founder of TruNews, in a video posted Monday. …”
Look who is outraged at TruNews for doing nothing but reading headlines from a bunch of different Jewish media sources about Trump’s impeachment: