Tuesday, June 05, 2018

You Can't Make This Shit Up!

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BEFORE: Trump THREATENED reporters with violence at his campaign rallies.

AND NOW: He wants to PUNISH liberal reporters by revoking their press credentials!

That means Trump could BAN MSNBC reporters and force us into only watching FOX NEWS. EW!
Trump has a backup plan to DESTROY MSNBC:

The Sinclair Broadcasting Group is buying up local T.V. news stations nationwide.
They absolutely ADORE Trump.
If they have their way, they’ll broadcast GOP propaganda to 72% of U.S. viewers!

We’d ALL be forced to watch pro-Trump propaganda instead of the objective and fact-based news like on MSNBC.

It would be like watching Fox News in your home 24/7. AWFUL!
Please don’t let your favorite reporters down!

- The Progressive Turnout Project
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