Thursday, October 26, 2017

HRC DNC MSM #MeToo Dindu Slug Trails Everywhere..., Accept No Substitutes!

dystopiausa |  Before we get to the Week 3 thread, a recap of the past two weeks:

Week 2 of Trump’s Storm against the Deep State saw an increase in bombshell news events:
  • Uranium One investigative revelations from Sara Carter and John Solomon.
  • Subsequent Congressional probes into the U1 and FBI handling of the Clinton e-mail scandal were announced by Congress.
  • The JFK Assassination files are to be declassified.
  • Fusion GPS execs pleading the Fifth Amendment, with its lawyers frantically seeking to keep Fusion’s bank records private.
  • Confirmation by the Washington Post that the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid for the Steele dossier of the President.
  • Announcement that the FBI has arrested pedophiles in a cross-country sting.
Week 1 saw the following developments:
  • Weinstein scandal.
  • The start of Project Veritas’ American Pravda series.
  • Julian Assange tweeting hash keys.
  • The FBI Vault releasing memos proving that Comey exonerated Hillary before even interviewing her.
  • Judge Jeanine mentioning the Clinton’s connection to known pedophiles.
Well, Week 3 promises even more fun.
  • The JFK files may or may not be released this week – I believe it will since FOIAs will probably be filed at 1 second past the declassification date.
  • I’m expecting Robert Mueller to speak soon. More on that below a little later.
  • Perhaps Assange drops what he has.
We’ll use the same format as before. Check beneath the dividing line for live updates and links to breaking news.
And for some background on my theories and why I believe what is happening lately is a coordinated effort to flush out the Deep State