Monday, February 27, 2017

Leslie Wimes Burned the DNC Down On Morning Edition Today

Her article nicely states what she said to a dumbfounded interviewer on air, this morning. Establishment democrats appear to genuinely despise Ms. Wimes truth bombs and her willingness to detonating them.

sunshinestatenews |  Make no mistake about it, Keith Ellison is not the chair of the Democratic National Committee because of a combination of things.

First is the racist bigotry of a group of people who couldn't stand the thought that a Black Muslim would be leading the Democratic Party.

The Alan Dershowitzes of the Democratic Party, you know, the ones who threaten to leave, should let the doorknob hit them where the good Lord split them.

Get out. Go. Leave.

They are just as racist and bigoted as they claim Donald Trump is, yet establishment Democrats will condone their despicable behavior, and the despicable behavior of those who waged that smear campaign against Keith Ellison, all for money.

Speaking of money.

That's what drove the Clinton/Obama wing to insert into the race Tom Perez, who is nothing more than Debbie Wasserman Schultz with XY chromosomes.

Nothing will change with the DNC.

Ellison had the momentum, and the guys giving the Democrats the big bucks who also suffer from Islamophobia, had to, again, stop that at all costs.

So, like they did in Florida with Dwight Bullard and Stephen Bittel, they had to find a viable candidate to run against Ellison.

They used President Obama this time, since Podesta-stamped candidate Jaime Harrison turned out to be a big fat dud.

Let's be clear, folks.

President Obama didn't care about the DNC.

He did not give a rat's crack about the DNC.

He didn't use them in his first election, nor did he use them in his second.

He let the DNC wither on the vine. Furthermore, he left a clearly toxic Debbie Wasserman Schultz in place, after she showed she not only was losing seats across the country, but she ran a losing strategy that kept candidates away from HIM.

So this newfound love of President Obama's for the DNC isn't passing the smell test with me.

He was helping someone out all right, but it wasn't the DNC.

When 2018 rolls around and Democrats get crushed, the establishment will blame everyone and everything except its own blind greed.

Establishment Democrats have clearly gotten comfortable with losing, as long as they maintain their position and power within the rotting party.

And make no mistake, it is rotting from the head, just like a fish!