Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Krauthhammer: Deep State Ought Not Eavesdrop and Leak on U.S. Citizens

realclearpolitics |  Charles Krauthammer, commenting on the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, said we can not have the government eavesdrop on conversations and then leak it to the media. From Tuesday's Special Report:
CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Each side always wants to argue the real story is the misdeeds of the other guy. The fact that there are real big misdeeds in these leaks, but that doesn't exonerate what happened within the Trump administration. There are two stories. One is that the internal dysfunction in the Trump White House, the fact that Flynn lied internally was untrustworthy. But the other story is the scandal of these leaks.

Look, we cannot have our intelligence agencies eavesdropping on Americans and releasing it to the press. We have extremely elaborate procedures when we eavesdrop on, say, and ambassadors from other countries, which we do all the time. Everyone does. Everyone knows it. When the conversation involves an American, there are extremely strict procedures to blur the identity, to hide the identity and to protect the information coming from the American. This is the exact opposite of that and it is scary because it means everybody who communicates with a foreigner is subject to being exposed by his own government. You can't have that.