Thursday, October 13, 2016

Granny Goodness Phugged Up Putting Catholics in the Deplorables Basket....,

Huff Po | Washington D.C. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Megan Kelly and true Christians are outraged by attacks on Catholics and Evangelicals by Team Hillary. Begging the burning question: “Who has place in Hillary’s America?” She and her team obviously despise these Christian denominations. Catholic and Evangelical Democrats must make a choice between Christ or the Evil One. Mother Teresa’s nuns are praying the rosary daily for voters to receive clarity of truth from The Holy Spirit and vote for the candidate who supports life and religious liberty (Trump) against the party engendering a culture of death and new atheism disguised as liberalism. Sadly, the Democratic Party has been taken over by spiritually bankrupt global conglomerates and foreign billionaire elites like George Soros desiring power over the people. Responding to breaking news of the sinister Team Hillary plot, Bill Donahue, President of the Catholic League informed Neil Cavuto the funding source for the strategy to divide Catholics and elect Hillary is George Soros. 

He is the same foreign billionaire influence funding “legalize marijuana” initiatives in America to control youth and undermine our workforce just as the nefarious global elites did during the 19th century Opium Wars against China to control their people and trade. Military strategist Sun Tzu teaches in “The Art of War,” divide and conquer. Soros makes his billions based on currencies and global conflict. Take away guns, religion and addict people to drugs and you have no resistance. Voters, it’s power, money and greed. It’s anti-Christ, as religion must be mocked and removed from the public square and families divided, just as Team Hillary has advanced while plotting to control the people. Marx taught it and Soros et al through the Democratic Party is funding it. That’s the truth. No new strategies, just repeat what worked in history, fine tune it, grab power, control people. Similar strategy to divide Christians was undertaken surrounding Kennedy’s presidency. By the way, there are some notable Republicans part of the elite-domination circle. Sounds like the Illuminati, New World Order story, Narnia Chronicles or James Bond thriller. Many a truth is disguised. Follow wiki-leaks, Team Hillary emails and money funding the anti-Catholic, anti-pope, anti-Evangelical plots before voting.

This current devious plot unfolds while being suppressed by mainstream media in concert with Team Hillary. Biblical experts see it as signs in The Book of Revelations describing The Apocalypse. We better watch and pray for ourselves and America’s future, is the mantra of the faithful. Surprising reaction to these attacks from humble, holy nuns across America. To my surprise, Religious are not surprised. On the contrary they believe these revelations are God’s way of unveiling the truth about Hillary and her deeply-rooted anti-Christian agenda carried out by her like-minded team, with the pretense of being Christians. Conversations with selfless sisters helping poor families in America’s inner-cities inform voters:

“We must pray the rosary every day as Our Lady of Fatima
revealed in 1917 and stay on the side of Christ and fight the enemy.
All Christians must unite and not scatter the vote.
Even if some believe it is the lesser of two evils, 
all true Christians must vote for Trump.
There are only two choices and Hillary is a vote for the Evil One.”

Faith Trumps Politics for Faithful People

Christians, irrespective of political party, cannot in good conscience vote anti-Christ. Team Hillary emails and aftermath are unapologetic and anti-Christian. They stridently continue to try to divide both Catholics and Evangelicals. Hillary will discover, voters are not deceived or deplorable just because they don’t trust her. Light is shining on Hillary and her team, the real agenda is to further divide America. Every true Christian on Team Hillary starting with purportedly Catholic running mate Tim Kaine should resign and be counted as standing for Christ. This is a rare opportunity to be among the elect that truly matters. Christ taught we must choose God or Evil. The same is expected of Nancy Pelosi and all Catholics. Jesus warned, “What good is it to gain the whole world but lose your soul?” Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, John Kasich should stand and be counted for Christ, like Marco Rubio, Dr. Ben Carson, Chris Christie, even Ted Cruz. Put self aside and fight for Trump to help stop the forces of evil from prevailing. Faithful Catholics know the truth. If you choose to hide from it or rationalize it, like Newt Gingrich said “you join Team Hillary” and the Evil One. It’s life or death for souls. That’s the truth.

October: Month of Revelations, Reckoning and The Rosary.

For Jews, October is time of atonement. For Catholics, time of reflection of what really matters, living for the now or preparing for the future. Remember life is short for our bodies but our soul is eternal, where do we want it to go? Trump’s past transgressions, of which he has expressed shame, remorse and apologies, pale in comparison to the revelations we now know about the plot against Christians and the strategy of creating a Catholic Spring, dividing Catholics and undermining the authority of the pope by Team Hillary and the global elite. That’s the truth. On October 13, 1917, Our Lady of Fatima appeared to 70,000 observers for the“Miracle of the Sun.” This prophetic event predicted future wars and disasters if humanity did not change its ways. Documented by media, historians and theologians with relevant news that continues to become reality in the unfolding drama of salvation history. Looking very sad, Our Lady said to the world: “Do not offend the Lord our God anymore, because he is already so much offended.” The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph appeared reminding the world of the sanctity of life and family, which is under attack today. Similar to current America, secular media and humanist government then mocked religion and people of faith. Interestingly, skeptical journalists, atheist government officials and intellectual elite witnesses converted becoming promoters of the truth.

Fatima for Today-The Urgent Marian Message of Hope”

Franciscan Friar, author Andrew Apostoli insightfully states: “We must survive warfare, but it is most often the spiritual warfare brought on by the evils of our times, with its attacks on life, the family and our faith.” Sums up the unfolding real agenda of Team Hillary, evidenced by emails, policies and tactics to win and rule at any cost including the soul of America and her people. Interestingly, like now, there was “great tension and turmoil “preceding the 1917 miraculous events for the elect, bringing about “one of the greatest manifestations of God’s power in the history of the Catholic Church.” The smell test for diabolical interference according to respected theologian Louis J. Camelli in “The Devil You Don’t Know” is counted on one hand: deception, division, diversion, discouragement- leading to death. Fellow Christians and Americans of all faiths, let us choose life, uniting with Christ and vote for Trump-Pence. Conversely a vote for Team Hillary is a vote for bigotry, deception, division, diversion, discouragement and death. Hallmarks of the Evil One. That’s the truth. 

God bless America, land that we love.
Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us all and keep us in your Immaculate Heart.

Brothers and Sisters, Alleluia. Amen.