Wednesday, June 01, 2016

the constructal law in intelligence?

Stuart Kauffman's 1993 book, Origins of Order, is a technical treatise on his life's work in Mathematical Biology. Kauffman greatly extends Alan Turing 's early work in Mathematical Biology. The intended audience is other mathematical and theoretical biologists. It's chock full of advanced mathematics. Of particular note, Origins of Order seems to be Kauffman's only published work in which he states his experimental results about the interconnection between complex systems and neural networks.

Kauffman explains that a complex system tuned with particular parameters is a neural network.  I can not overstate the importance of the last sentence in the paragraph above. The implication is that one basis for intelligence, biological neural networks, can spontaneously self-generate given the correct starting parameters. Kauffman provides the mathematics to do this, discusses his experimental results, and points out that the parameters in question are an attractor state.