Sunday, September 06, 2015

peasants vs. utterly desperate peasants...,

RT |  Clashes have broken out between refugees and football hooligans as the latter pelted smoke bombs and fireworks at the asylum seekers at the Keleti train station in Budapest. At least one person was injured before riot police intervened.

The refugees responded with plastic bottles and shoes, RT’s correspondent Daniel Hawkins reported from the scene on Friday. 

Refugees formed human chain between riot police and their comrades to stop the violence, he added. Police arrested a number of football hooligans.

Syrian refugees were shouting “Freedom, freedom, we want peace” as well as “Fascists!” at the radical football fans.

At least one person, a refugee, was injured in the clashes.

On Friday, the so-called Visegrád Four – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland –met at an emergency summit in Prague to discuss the influx of refugees to the EU. As a result the four released a statement rejecting plans for quotas for refugees seeking asylum in the EU.