Tuesday, September 15, 2015

ONLY mr. miracle could break the democratic stranglehold on the black vote

americanthinker |  Donald Trump has exposed the greatest fault line in the Democrat coalition: the conflict of interest between blacks and advocates of a borderless immigration policy.  The competition for jobs at the lower end of the education and experience spectrum pits those two groups against each other, with the outcome being depressed wages, a widening income gap, and disastrous levels of black unemployment among younger black males in particular.  Employers generally prefer Hispanic males over black males for perceived (fairly or unfairly) differences in work ethic and attitude toward authority. With millions of poorly educated Hispanics accustomed to low wages and a low standard of living streaming into America, you don't need a PhD in labor economics to sense the result. Notice also that TRump garners 41% of the Asian vote.

Trump also benefits among blacks and many other groups from what I would call the “BS factor.” There is a justifiably pervasive sense that our politicians and media do not play straight with us, for fear of being called politically incorrect, and for reasons of self advantage. Trump, whatever his own faults and evasions, is unafraid to speak hard truths, at least some of the time.

It is imperative that other members of the GOP field learn from Trump on these points. If the Democratic Party ever loses its vice-like grip on the black vote, it is in deep trouble. And the Party has been playing a two-faced game in uniting blacks and Hisapnics into a coalition of the aggrieved. That may work with the race hustler class of Sharptons, Jacksons, and Jealouses, but it does not work with even mildly cognizant members of the rank and file African–Americans. They know they are being sold out for the younger, up and coming minority group demanding patronage from the Democrats.

Keep in mind that Hispanics are a more diverse group than African-Americans. There are many, many legal residents and citizens of Hispanic descent who are negatively affected by the arrival of un-vetted millions of Hispanics, some of the criminals.  Breaking the stranglehold of the Democrats on blacks does not mean dissing all Hispanics. Trump gets 39% of the Hispanic vote here.

Even if you don’t like Trump, you have to give him credit for smashing the barrier restraining honest talk about immigration, a barrier that substantially benefits the Democrats.