Wednesday, March 11, 2015

israeli foreign minister says arabs who don't love israel should be beheaded...,

WaPo |  Avigdor Lieberman, Israel's foreign minister and the head of a right-wing, Israeli nationalist party, is known for his fiery rhetoric. But he possibly crossed a line during an election rally in the city of Herzliya on Sunday.

"Whoever's with us should get everything," Lieberman said, in reference to the loyalty of Israeli Arabs, who make up some 20 percent of Israel's population. "Those who are against us, there's nothing to be done – we need to pick up an axe and cut off his head. Otherwise we won't survive here."

Lieberman, the head of the Yisrael Beitenu party, may argue he was speaking in biblical metaphors -- his comments carried allusions to the Book of Esther, reports Haaretz. But they are deeply provocative, and reflect Lieberman's known antipathy for the Israeli Arab population.

The foreign minister's comments in the past have led critics to accuse him of racism. These include his calls last year to boycott Arab businesses that had shut their doors in protest of Israel's bombing campaign in Gaza, as well as a proposal made last November suggesting Israeli Arabs be given "economic incentives" to leave their homes in Israel for the West Bank.

Unlike some other politicians on Israel's right, Lieberman is staunchly secularist. His brand of nationalist populism is anchored among Israeli Jews who emigrated from countries in the former Soviet Union, where he himself was born.


Dale Asberry said...

In terms of Collective Security Club, I'm all about what he's saying. When another CSC directly threatens, it's time to step up. Make no bones about what needs to happen to protect his'n her'n. But Israel is most assuredly Not My CSC and they need to make their own go of it...

CNu said...

Killer-ape ethology in the game of musical chairs on the deck of the Titanic is a fascinating thing to behold. It doesn't end well for the endogamous parasitic militarists.

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