Friday, March 13, 2015

did white flight spawn the criminal racket masquerading as a government running your town?

There are thousands of small towns and cities all across the US that budget for substantial revenues from fines and traffic enforcement in lieu of higher taxes. If the citizens don't like it, they can elect a new city council next year. Issues of racial profiling and police practice are also at issue everywhere. These, too, are subject to review by votes.

Why is Ferguson any different than any of these 10,000 other Valkanvanian hamlets?

St. Louis County has a total population of just over a million people and ninety municipal governments. The city of Toronto has over two million people and one municipal government. The City of New York has eight million people and makes do with one municipal government. It follows that each resident of St. Louis County has to support roughly ten to twenty times as many police chiefs, mayors, and possibly even city councillors as a resident of Toronto.

Since many residents of St. Louis County do not want to pay for this much government, the cities have grown dependent on fines as "revenue". Since fines apply to residents of other towns, a municipality that sustains itself through fines thus derives a percentage of its revenue from outside its boundaries. These municipalities thus find themselves in a variant of the "prisoner's dilemma"; the first municipal government to eliminate fine revenue will have to raise taxes, while its residents will continue to provide fine "revenue" for the surrounding municipalities. Even worse, some of these municipalities cannot sustain their operations from their tax base alone, which means that not everyone can cooperate.

White flight spawned the "system" of  racketeering hamlets that operates in St. Louis County; continuing racism accounts for the failure to undertake any sensible amalgamation. Once developed, the system of racketeering hamlets remains in place because of a prisoner's dilemma paradox that no hanlet can escape on its own.


rohan said...

Chess. Not Checkers.

President Obama doesn't have the resources to regulate and enforce changes across all 10,000 little sundown towns needing it, but by making an example of the "can't miss" high-profile town - he can set a cascade in motion that encompasses a great many more.

CNu said...

Underscores my notion that the "shooter" was a setup. What are the odds a random protester makes what amount to a pair of head shots with a pistol at that purported range and only inflicts flesh wounds? Who stood to gain from that disruption?

It's patently obvious who stands to lose, and to lose BIG if the cascade precipitated by events continues apace. These parasitic militarist tumors on the civilian population have now been shown in all their useless, destructive glory. Naked little emperors indeed. If this insight, continues to grow and stabilize, all kinds of needless food-powered, make-work rackets are going to get expunged as part of a grand phase of the game of musical chairs on the deck of the Titanic.

rohan said...

How many "small government" pretend fiscal conservatives will get with the program of reforming/dismantling all these superfluous parasite governments born in the stew of white flight? How many social conservatives you think will fully out themselves as zealous supporters of heavily-armed small governments because the Ferguson agenda is precisely the agenda that they support?

This strikes me as a major wedge in the GOP big tent, and, something that libertarians and progressives can fully see eye-to-eye on.

CNu said...

Ferguson MO., along with the rest of St. Louis County, suffers from a crippling problem the DOJ did not create, a problem the behaviours the DOJ uncovered were only a symptom of: they have far too much government. No sane case can be made for 90 municipalities governing just 1 million residents. That's because white-flight was not a sane or rational phenomenon, and it has borne with it a far-reaching and utterly irrational and unsustainable set of unintended pathological consequences.

As we're talking about the little hamlet rackets, what about all those flipping redundant school districts with their immense, larded-up and incompetent administrations?

Kansas City not as F'd up as St., Louis, but I'm thinking about the 13 municipalities on the Missouri side of the state line, and then all the little municipalities on the Kansas side.

St. Louis and Kansas City have to compete for economic development and talent with the world. How do you pitch this much extraneous and burdensome administrative overhead to a CEO looking for green pastures? How much government do you want? How many bureaucracies can you deal with in one county? What CEO, what worker with a portable and in-demand
skill, would want to pay for this mess and deal with it on a daily basis?

Nah brah..., Brer Rabbit and his no fucks to give crew are handing out serial beatdowns to the tail-end of the bell curve in the GOP. Anybody with two active brain cells HAS to look at something as backwards as Ferguson and all these other little rank hamlets and acknowledge that the St. Louis County structure cannot compete effectively for talent, investment or FREEDOM - in the long run.

BigDonOne said...

There is Hope to eliminate the Ferguson's Of The World.

Hard-working diligent IQ160's in their labs are developing the ability to alter genetics of embryos.
Potentially, IQ75, agression/vioence/criminal tendencies, lack of FTO, and other less-civilized behaviors, might be eliminated....

CNu said...

au contraire pookie..., - nobody's breeding humans for passivity and submission to authority. Matter of fact, the smarter the offspring, the less governable it becomes. Why you think Hawking, Gates, and Musk are whining about AI.

So, while we laud your ill-informed N-1 flakking on behalf of the transhumanist project, rest assured that if it succeeds, nothing good will come of it for your donut-eating spawn who're already under fire for their unproductive useless-eater antics.

makheru bradley said...

A criminal enterprise indeed. 1,831 residents and 33,000 warrants in one municipality. Residential homes serve as courthouses. Apartheid lives.

BigDonOne said...

...Could likely also head off mental weaknesses that require N-1 compensations, comforts and/or Fuzzy-style power trips.....

Constructive_Feedback said...

Wow CNu - WHITE FLIGHT caused it all!!

Of the "Great Black Migration" from the clutches of RACISM in the American South - do you know of any cities that were created which needed revenue?

To be clear - this is not a game of "Gotcha" on my part.

I told you before there is a long list of such small cities that orbit around Atlanta - the central city.
While indeed during the era of segregation their local police forces enforced the salient racial sentiment.

HOWEVER - (just like Ferguson, East St Louis, Benton Harbor and Camden) when the majority White residents moved out of the city - the Black population that took their place had similar run-ins with the WHITES that still controlled the municipal government and court system (RIVERDALE GEORGIA in the early 1990's was FERGSON like a cloning procedure).

The point that you are missing with regard to these SPEED TRAPS and COURT ROOMS FULL OF BLACK PEOPLE is that the NEXT CHAPTER after the explosion of the WHITE DWARF STAR that attracts RACIAL ATTENTION is the NEW ACTIVIST GOVERNMENT run by BLACK PROGRESSIVE ACTIVISTS.

While the WHITE FOLKS indeed did nefarious LAW ENFORCEMENT AS A SOURCE OF TAXATION - the new regime turns to SOCIAL JUSTICE and begins to enumerate the RIGHTS THAT THE STATE GOVERNMENT AND ITS CONSTITUTION says that ALL STATE CITIZENS have a right to access (example: fully funded public schools, public defenders and responsive ambulance services).

What we then see is a two part track:

1) Using The Favorable People In Local Power To begin LOBBYING AGAINST THE WHITE RIGHT ADVERSARIES at the state level to reprioritize the STATE BUDGET, making it more REDISTRIBUTIONISTS

2) LOCAL CONTRACTING SCANDALS (Pay to Play) in which SCHOOL SERVICE CONTRACTS, Ambulance Services, Elderly van transportation services and janitorial contracts become the quicksand that the Federal Prosecutors take down THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE elected officials - the Civil Rights Pharisees then claiming RACISM.


ADD CLAIMS OF RACISM to the mix and some groups claim a SUPERIOR MORAL INDICTMENT when they are on OFFENSE (seeking to aquire power) and they call RACISM again when they are on DEFENSE, defending their seats in power.

THE UNIVERSAL TIE BREAKER, MY DEAR FRIEND CNU - is to keep your eyes focused on the NEGRO!!
WE KNOW that the WHITE RACIST is not going to develop the NEGRO. This is IS CALLING.
What about why the NEGRO is left underdeveloped when the BLACK HOLE forms - yet for some strange reason instead of PURGING those who are failing him out of POWER - he agrees to solicit MORE POWER, far outside of the original city limits that he had set his sights upon.

Constructive_Feedback said...

My good man rohan.

Your INFERENCE is flawed.
You saw one city that used "Tickets As Taxation". I showed you other such cities that did so in the midst of a RACIAL TRANSFORMATION.

I can show you a boat load of other SMALL CITIES who operate in a patchwork of other neighboring cities that are small, which have performed good stewardship with their county resources.

In fact one city that I used to live in had minimum RESIDENTIAL LOT sizes and a prohibition on construction of apartment complexes and was against bringing the public transportation system into the town/county because it wanted to remain an attractive place for single family homes.

I wonder if you are able to be transparent enough to agree that SIZE DOES NOT ALWAYS MATTER, but instead the insight and foresight to remain attractive to key STAKEHOLDERS who want a certain standard of living and are willing to MAINTAIN STANDARDS that will produce these ends........................even IF the local civil rights pharisees call these policies "RACIST" and "DISPARATE IMPACT" ------all the while they BREAK BREAD with the city officials of the city a few miles away that is MORE WELCOMING but is littered with INSTITUTIONS that are on the STATE FAILURE LIST (failing schools, highest # of houses under water, houses in foreclosure, etc)


Constructive_Feedback said...

[quote] something that libertarians and progressives can fully see eye-to-eye on.[/quote]

Clearly you have no clue.

POLITICAL POWER - regardless of if it is atop of a NATION or a HAMLET is the life blood of the POLITICAL OPERATIVE.

The VERY SAME forces who are fighting against CITI-FICATION of unincorporated portions of Dekalb County Georgia, for example - are the same voices who know every chapter and verse of the STATE CONSTITUTION and the ENTITLEMENTS that it defines for each citizen.

Whereas when you obtain a STATE CHARTER for a city or a county - a FRANCHISE AGREEMENT is inferred in which your claim that the local people - if provided such a charter would be allowed to collect taxes and provide BETTER SERVICES from their own hand than from THE STATE......................when it comes to translating that into "WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TAX AND DEVELOPMENT POLICY which will determine OUR FATE and STANDARD OF LIVING - this is where we see their FRAUD.

That original FREEDOM and LOCAL POWER that they once sought (when they plotted to take over the positions of power) has now turned into a message to the state which says: "GIVE US OUR MONEY FROM THE STATE FUNDING FORMULA THAT ENSURES MORE EQUITABLE FUNDING and then MIND YOUR DAMNED BUSINESS regarding HOW we spend this ENTITLEMENT MONEY. Our people ELECTED US INTO POWER because they have CONFIDENCE that we have their BEST INTERESTS IN MIND.

You NEED TO inspect the REAL AGENDA of the "White Libertarian and White Progressives" when it comes to their partnership with the NEGRO. Despite the fact that Rep John Lewis has been in Congress for 26 years+ he is still treated as a CIVIL RIGHTS FIGHTER and not as an INCUMBENT who deserves some measure of blame over the fact that he presides over such high number of RELATIVELY UNDERDEVELOPED Black people - yet he manages to COLLECT THEIR VALUABLES as he tells them that the OTHER GUY is trying to take away their SOCIAL JUSTICE.

YOU MIGHT SEE "EYE TO EYE" BUT it is the JAUNDICE in your eye that is making you blind as to what is really going on.

THE WEDGE is the scheme to SEPARATE THE NEGRO from his CONSCIOUSNESS, his ability to seek ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT as the residue of his TIME AND STRUGGLE MOTION, not JUST progressive political power in his perpetual fight against THE WHITE RIGHT WING so much so that he walks past the dead bodies in his own community and looks at a FRAT HOUSE IN OKLAHOMA to have his own bigoted views affirmed.

CNu said...

Fuzzy-style "power-trips" are nothing more than a collective response to the long-term serial predations of the tribes of the north atlantic. An elderly member of your tribe was sitting in the lobby at the "Y" this afternoon loudly reminiscing about how good life was when he was stationed in Saudi Arabia waaaaaay back in the day and how $5.00 American could buy you drinks and a night of pleasure with a 14 year old girl. The nice ladies who run the front counters were mortified and one of the trainers told him to cool his jets or get ejected. This old degenerate tribesman's fond recollections were, as I am fond of noting, priceless....,

My son, who is by no means politically correct, called him a savage with no filters...,

rohan said...

lol, get you a bean pie, some black coffee and a smile nigga brotha..

BigDonOne said...

Somehow, on the Grand Scale of Unfiltered Savagery, BD suspects Fuzzy Folks who commit beheadings and cage burnings would vastly outrank your associate at the 'Y'.
Explain how pleasureable lovemaking is bad...??

CNu said...

Your more civilized tribespeople found his unsolicited reminiscences about child rape unacceptable.

BigDonOne said...

Rape is a legally-defined term. Actually, you should read up on the Age-of_Consent history. (see the comments). Back when your 'Y' associate was having his fun in Saudi, it would have been completely legal, at least iin some juridictions, even right in the Good Ol' US of A....

CNu said...

Nah, your savage tribesman is a simple child-rapist. The other part of his monologue had to do with wanting to commit suicide. He indicated that he had enough money to take a two week trip to Spain given the current FX between the dollar and the euro, but then he wouldn't be able to eat for two weeks once he got back. Said he thought he'd commit suicide since he's old, past his Saudi child-rape glory, and doesn't have to means to indulge his degenerate savagery anymore.

Good riddance...,

CNu said...

Bears repeating He wasn't shit to begin with. Makes you wonder how many other geriatric serial-killing psychopaths from the north atlantic tribe's Vietnam golliwog-killing jubilee are still ambling and shambling around like covert monsters in our midst? And before them, how many "greatest generation" nazi serial-killers were sewn into the populace at large under operation paperclip?

This pathetic POS was lamenting the fact that he couldn't recapture his peak-thrill levels under his own power or by his own means. His idea of a peak-thrill absolutely requiring that another or other human beings have to suffer.

In Netanyahu's America, IDF Veterans Get American Veterans' Preferences...,

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