Tuesday, March 10, 2015

brer preznit's irony too subtle for the thugs beseiging him...,

WaPo |  It’s safe to say that no president in modern times has had his legitimacy questioned by the opposition party as much as Barack Obama. But as his term in office enters its final phase, Republicans are embarking on an entirely new enterprise: They have decided that as long as he holds the office of the presidency, it’s no longer necessary to respect the office itself. Is that a bit hyperbolic? Maybe. But this news is nothing short of stunning:

The only direct precedent I can think of for this occurred in 1968, when as a presidential candidate Richard Nixon secretly communicated with the government of South Vietnam in an attempt to scuttle peace negotiations the Johnson administration was engaged in. It worked: those negotiations failed, and the war dragged on for another seven years. Many people are convinced that what Nixon did was an act of treason; at the very least it was a clear violation of the Logan Act, which prohibits American citizens from communicating with foreign governments to conduct their own foreign policy.

This move by Republicans is not quite at that level. As Dan Drezner wrote, “I don’t think an open letter from members of the legislative branch quite rises to Logan Act violations, but if there’s ever a trolling amendment to the Logan Act, this would qualify,” and at least it’s out in the open. But it makes clear that they believe that when they disagree with an administration policy, they can act as though Barack Obama isn’t even the president of the United States.


BigDonOne said...

Hard to find good numbers, but approximately 5000 blacks per year are murdered by other blacks. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/josh-sugarmann/murder-rate-for-black-ame_b_4702228.html So if black lives really matter, rather than bellyaching about the police, who off only a paltry 300 per year, better to focus on the *real* problem.

Instant replay from ysaterday, Suge killing a security person ---> http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/03/09/suge-knight-s-deadly-hit-and-run-video.html [extremely graphic video]

CNu said...

lol, darquekysses why you try'na change the subject? http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/politics/2014/12/black_community_is_concerned_with_black_on_black_crime_suggesting_otherwise.html Folks do protest criminal on criminal with occasional collateral casualty violence.

But that's not the subject. The subject here is why did this overseer feel compelled to pump five bullets into this boy, and, this is not the first unarmed victim of this overseer. Mebbe it's time to set some physical and martial baselines for overseers so that protecting and serving is done by those physically and psychologically capable of protecting and serving the community - rather than nasally barney fifes like this obviously unfit clown who has not options but extrajudicial homicide.

WPA for unproductive eaters is gonna have to step up its requirements game. Speaking of which, has that singular ass clown Chief Struggley http://subrealism.blogspot.com/search?q=chief+struggley been fired yet for bringing shame and opprobrium to the entire overseer profession? I figure you would know having WPA for unproductive kinfolk who are tapped into the overseer undernet and everything...,

BigDonOne said...

Oh...!! BD is indeed sorry, the above comment was supposed to go with the Subrealism post bearing the Banner Ad, "302 Black Lives Lost to Police Violence in 2014"

The Tony Robinson Shooting facts on the death of that convicted home invader, missing from all the weepy liberal reporting on that Justifiable Homicide, are found on Smoking Gun---> http://www.thesmokinggun.com/buster/armed-robbery/tony-robinson-shooting-890562
Marijuana-user Robinson had previously Tweeted describing himself as a “Real nigga from the start till the casket shut.”

CNu said...

Big DarqueKysses...., nothing in that report troubles me in the least little bit aside from the fact that it's a page taken out of the Ferguson "demonize Michael Brown" playbook.. As the father of a 6'3" tall adolescent of my own - I'm accustomed to hearing all kinds of nonsensical adolescent male talk similar to that daily. I'm also accustomed to routinely hearing about all manner of crimes and criminality perpetrated by the cream of this city's adolescent crop http://www.kctv5.com/story/28282776/teen-girl-reports-being-raped-after-consuming-shots-of-vodka - only difference - when your parents are millionaires, your name doesn't become a matter of public record and the "matter" is expeditiously resolved and expunged.

Now, given that we've established by your silence that one or more of your own is a nasally barney fife looking overseer, eggregiously underqualified and underendowed to hold down those responsibilities (genetics being what they are and knowing your own less than impressive physical attributes and testosterone deficient subservience to authori-tay) - I can see why that has you clutching your pearls.

For us capable, individually sovereign, more warlike strict fathers, that's just another day at the office bringing up a boy in the 21st century. If you let the boy hang out with a bad element, bad things will happen. If you can't afford to get a boy out of an environment full of bad influences, bad things will happen. Sometime when you have your boy in the very best of environments, bad influences and bad things are still a factor, especially if your son is tall, powerful, handsome, and headstrong.

It can be challenging for a man to govern a tall, powerful, handsome, headstrong adolescent male son. For a woman by herself, I'ma go head and say - IMPOSSIBLE.

Whatever happened in that apartment house, there is no justification for killing that boy. There are any number of tactical response options that a twelve year "veteran" should have known were at his disposal. It will of course be found that his extrajudicial murder of this boy was "legal" - but under any sane or rational accounting - it was entirely unnecessary and completely avoidable. The weakest link in this as in the Ferguson incident was a pathetic excuse for an overseer collecting a paychecki he wasn't qualified to receive.

CNu said...

Almost forgot, it's not hard to find good numbers on that at all. What's hard (impossible) to find good numbers on is how many extrajudicial homicides have been committed by overzealous and underqualified overseers incapable of discharging their protective service responsibilities like the police in the UK or Japan are capable of doing.

BigDonOne said...

@GoodNumbers -- Actually, the book ["Ghettoside" in Los Angeles] BD recently added to his infamous library, and is currently reading, discusses that very point. It turns out that in L.A., black-on-black homicides are so numerous, and he effort required to investigate them all so onerous and exhausting for the short-staffed and short-resourced Detectives Unit, that many are simply recorded as "accidents," "drug overdoses," and "natural causes," in order to ease the work load. The true B-on-B homicide numbers are significantly higher, at least in Los Angeles, and most likely in other urban metros (e.g., Detroit, Philly, etc., etc., etc...)

And WRT rich kids getting off on crimes, the ghetto counterpart to that is the huge number of crimes that are not even *reported* let alone investigated because to do so can be risky, and also pointless for reasons in the previous para.

CNu said...

So long as they're criminal-on-criminal acts, who cares? It's when civilians are brought into that loop that the police should be active in their duty to protect and serve. Since 99.9% of crimes aren't solved through forensics, evidence, or any other intellectual activity, rather, they're simply solved via snitching - in order to get your snitch flow on - you have to have good relations with members of the community that you serve.

This means that pasty little wusses from out in the suburbs and far exurbs are simply not now - nor will they ever be - viable/acceptable candidates for law enforcement in those communities. You want something other than welfare for pasty useless eaters incapable of holding down a knowledge worker job? Then you have to hire some savvy and capable brothers to wear the badge and carry the gun in communities that they live in and care about. This isn't rocket science.

But, given the number of IQ-75 north atlantic tribesmen hanging on for dear life to paychecks in the criminal just-us system - that's going to be quite the little political tussle.

BigDonOne said...

No, no, no, CNu. You should watch a few dozen episodes of 'First 48'. 'Hood murders are solved by skilled detectives collecting/viewing security cam footage, footprints, fingerprints, tire tracks, cell phone records of all those involved, firearms forensics, and especially skilled interrogators intimidating and coercing IQ-75stupid perps and witnesses. Lots of legwork and long hours developing leads while the trail is still warm.....demographics of the investigators have litttle to do with it.

CNu said...

lol, you would do well to cynically question the scripted narratives you gobble-up in "reality" teevee...,

Vic78 said...

They tell on themselves on that show. People do get away with murder in real life. The First 48 is a lot like cops. There's a lot of cherry picking to make those shows work. Have they ever had MS13 on First 48?

BigDonOne said...

MS13 and many other notorius gangs are shown on another series, "Gangland." It is more of a documentary, rather than 'reality.' A lot of faces are blurred or blacked out. They do show some security cam footage of rumbles. Program generally follows evolution of a particular gang and the 'careers' of the gang leaders which usually involve prison at some point.

First 48 is not scripted, but BD suspects that the perps and witnesses shown are paid, after the fact, to allow use of their stories. Guessing most of them, having no net worth beyond what's left on their EchoBravoTango, probably cave for a few hundred bucks. Others that won't play, get their faces blurred or otherwise not shown.....