Friday, March 13, 2015

FAIL: exagerated military cosplay exercise leads to destruction of the wrong house and no suspect...,

NYTimes |  Earlier, police SWAT units surrounded a house a few blocks from the scene of the shooting, and officers climbed onto the roof and broke through a vent to gain access. The police took in three people from the house for questioning and released them hours later.

The three, Iresha Turner, who lives at the home, and her friends Martez Little and Lamont Underwood, said they had attended the protest but had nothing to do with the shootings. Ms. Turner and Mr. Underwood said they fled from the protest to Ms. Turner’s house when the shots were fired, and Mr. Little said he came to Mr. Turner’s home later and was also detained.

Ms. Turner said her 6-year-old son had been traumatized by the search and the implication that his mother might have something to do with the crime.

“I have to live here,” said Ms. Turner, who identified herself as a single mother. “I have no help. I’m a good woman.”

Mr. Underwood speculated that someone might have seen him and Ms. Turner speeding away from the protest scene and reported it to the police.


Dale Asberry said...

N00bz0r EPIC failz0r

John Kurman said...

At least they didn't kill the 6-year-old with a flash bang. That's how high the bar is set.

CNu said...

lol, and nobody got mauled by any overzealous members of the K-9 units...,