Sunday, February 16, 2014

whatever happened to hip-hop?


Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother CNu:

WHY is "The" (owned by Washinton Post Co - and now Jeff Bezos) NOW commenting on the appropriation of Malcolm X's image but THEIR PREVIOUS SILENCE when Ta-Nehisi Coates used Photoshop to fuse Malcolm X and Barack Obama appears to be PRIDE.

If Nicki Minaj was attempting to appropriate Malcolm X's image for HER OWN feelings of female oppression and her fight against it - WHAT DID THIS OTHER NEGRO (Ta-Nehisi Coates) have in mind EXCEPT to have the AMERICAN COMMANDER IN CHIEF represented by his POWER TO INFLUENCE THE AMERICANIZED NEGRO - just like X - except for the benefit of THE STATE & Progressive Fundamentalism rather than for Black Community Consciousness.

CNu said...

Organic political-economic black cultural identity HAS been erased.

Politico-Entertaino-Religio-Academic = The Cathedral

Nicki Minaj/Beyonce/JanetMock are endgame products of forty years of the whining and grining neoliberal porno-capitalism of Madison Avenue submissively and willingly aided and abetted by the Cathedral.

The Cathedral falsely equated and successfully substituted identity politics and cultural production with organic communities of real political-economic interest.

CNu said...

Realness is being redefined in terms of the false and unsustainable
superficialities of the Cathedral - instead of the tangible political
economics of groups bound by the common interests of wanting to work,
eat, educate and provide healthcare and safety for their children - and the capital and social capital, knowledge, skill, ability and political will to self-organize around tangible projects and priorities conducing to life security.

we have blowjob Betty the modern marvel of Thai medical technology
redefining realness in terms of a masters class in fellatio and prurient interest
in cultural production - - Blowjob Betty is so pretty, and so accomplished in the courtesan's arts, that we watch "her" fascinated by the spectacle and uncritical of the ruse and being dared to say anything lest we give offense to the funky fakery.

Now we have a nasty-assed caricature of a blonde barbie stripper fixing her potty mouth and dim wits around an iconic avatar of organic black political-economic community and strident opposition to the whining and grining oppression normative for the entirety of his life and at that time. Madison Avenue has set its sights on leveling and erasing the living memory recollection of genuine testicular fortitude and shiningly upright resistance. The Cathedral dares you to say anything bad about this porno-capitalist blasphemy emanating from the diseased piehole of this rank, stank, and dank waste of medically modified skin.

CNu said...

lol, TNC is yet another unqualified and largely useless Cathedral acolyte aggressively promoted by the establishment because he's incapable of discerning and expressing anything genuinely dangerous or oppositional. This is the underlying truth of every single one of the media prostitutes posturing as black public "intellectuals". There are no exceptions.

Sadly, because you have not yet proffered a single dangerous project or priority of your own, around which to nucleate organic political-economic activity within any given community of interest, I'm compelled to dismiss most of what you say because you play the part of "evil foil" for the progressive fundamentalist WWE showmen and women.

Making an altar-call to GOP social conservatives is a wholly unacceptable alternative and kind of disgraceful from an ethical integrity perspective.

CNu said...

don't forget, he's been using the vote or die database developed during these campaigns to directly market his parasitic payday loan rush credit cards ever since too....,

Vic78 said...

I see why his ex wants him to have supervised visitation. I wouldn't want my kids around that weasel either.

Constructive_Feedback said...


I was desperately looking for a Nicky Minaj photo in which she was wearing a "Respect My Vote" t-shirt to argue the point that you are making.

HOWEVER - We must understand (and I say this from the vantage point of Atlanta and our own "Hip Hop community" -) :

Since POLITICAL POWER rests above all other of their interests - the BLACK RACIAL SERVICES MACHINE will always agree to partner with "The Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" artist because of their big "Rolodex" that they have of young voters.

"Occupy Wall Street" did not repudiate Jay-Z (1%) from their presence BECAUSE of a mutually interdependent relationships:

* THEY saw his BRAND as AFFIRMATION of their agenda.

* HE - after becoming a multi-millionaire from their consumer discretionary spending WOULD BE A FOOL to take a principled stance against anything that they believe and thus cut off his money supply.

CNu said...

Take the next step to tangible Feed. The Human Resources in the Community must submit to a Governing Consciousness in line with their collective goals in order for them to achieve their desired standard of living. The competitive advantage of the group is that they are able to leverage their discipline in competition with other groupsProvide one concrete example of exactly what you're talking about.

CNu said...

No, I'm not saying the same thing you're saying. First, I write and think in rather plain english, second, I'm not trying to convince any voters or other online personages that the social conservative teatard right wing is the lesser of three known political policy and governance evils.

Third, I'm sincerely indifferent to whatever the U.S. does pursuant to its Great Game resource-war strategy outside the continental U.S.

In order for us to be saying the same thing, you would have to specify a tangible project around which people constituting an organic community of interest could coalesce and do something specific to improve their living quality and security.

DD said...

What, no Grand Puba? No Das EFX? No Pharaoh Monche? How about some white boys like Blood of Abraham?

Constructive_Feedback said...


This diagram shows a clear model of the consequence of a focus on "Federal Struggle For Power" within America - while leaving the local community and the Black Diaspora underdeveloped.

The bottom line is - what appears to be "Advancement" in the realm of national politics is in fact a immobilization as the key governance institutions at the local level are ultimately compromised.

It seems that you want me to generate a movement of FOLLOWERS.
My goal is to ANALYZE the present prevailing Popularist scheme and develop MODELS that capture the reasons why - not only do they fail to provide sufficient uplift as promised - it triggers the "Embedded Confidence Men" to double down as they scale their 'Struggle Motion" outward.

I have no aspirations to create a "Movement".
As I have always said - people like you are free to co-opt my analysis and do so.

As with Dewayne Wickham of USA Today my ANALYSIS does not mandate that I build an organization of followers to prove the veracity of my observations.

The fact that the Americanized Negro seems to repudiate by analysis YET continue to have their valuables stolen IS NOT A REFLECTION on the accuracy of my analysis but the entrenchment of the confidence scheme.

Constructive_Feedback said...

[quote]social conservative teatard right wing is the lesser of three known political policy and governance evils.[/quote]

It seems that you are only interested in debating upon the menial points.

The "Tea Party", like TRAYVON MARTIN - are a necessary FILLER to compel the "Americanized Negro" into action.

When I listen to and call out the antics of the "Embedded Confidence Men" RARELY is it to DEFEND THE HONOR OF THE "RIGHT WING TARGET" that they prompt but instead to point to the BLACK CONSCIOUS FILIBUSTER that is being executed at the expense of the Black community.

CNu said...

gnaw..., EPMD maybe sampling funk, Gang Starr f'sho, Brand Nubian's 5% lyrics..., but hip-hop as a dominant intellectual art form died with the advent of gangster rhyming and posing and in particular, the mimetic ebola introduced by Dr. Dre...,

CNu said...

lol, I was looking for a concrete example of leveraged discipline in practice, not more ideological jaw-jacking. Your whole and entire point was taken 18 months or more ago. There's no point in repeating it over, and over, and over again. Since nothing else is forthcoming, we have to consider it stillborn.

CNu said...

Nothing is more menial and pedestrian, yet simultaneously absolutely indispensable than this - failing this, it's all merely conversation.

Uglyblackjohn said...

Dang.. Ronald is STILL has to post an entire cantata instead of simple answers?

Uglyblackjohn said...

I thought 'David Mills' happened to Hip Hop.

CNu said...

lol, after about 9 million views - rising at more than a million a day - youtube pulled that early release version of menage's newest porntube..., (replaced with the official Vevo plantation jawnt....,)

CNu said...

Vic78 said...

The story looks plausible. It lines up with what many were saying about those times.

CNu said...

Cat named Michael Fisher put up a blog several years ago called Fisher had been a manager/promoter of Public Enemy and had extensive and detailed inside knowledge of what really happened. Sadly, I had a catastrophic falling out with Fisher and it appears that he's engaged reputation defender and more or less erased his public presence from the net.

makheru bradley said...

I'll send this over to Bro. Fisher. He and I have stayed in touch since we all wrote for the Assault.

makheru bradley said...

On this day 49 years ago our Esteemed Ancestor Malcolm X was taken out of his development by Afrikan American assassins who were either wittingly or unwittingly working in the interest of the White Supremacy Dynamic. On January 30, 1963 Malcolm X gave two speeches in Charlotte. That morning he spoke to students at Johnson C. Smith University, and that evening he spoke to the Afrikan American community at the Hi Fi Country Club off Beatties Ford Road.

Malcolm X at the Hi Fi

“First, I would like to point out that since it is my understanding that most of you are training to be leaders in the community, the country, and the world, some advice that I would give is that whenever you occupy a position of responsibility never accept images that have been created for you by someone else. It is always better to form the habit of learning how to see things for yourself, listen to things for yourself, and think for yourself; then you are in a better position to judge for yourself. We are living in a time when image-making has become a science. Someone can create a certain image and then use that image to twist your mind and lead you right up a blind path. The American press, in fact the FBI, can use the American press to create almost any kind of image they want of anyone on the local scene. And then you have other police agencies of an international stature that are able to use the world press in the same manner…” -- The Prescient and Esteemed Ancestor Malcolm X (December 12, 1964) From “Malcolm X: The Man and His Times,” edited by Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Bado Mapambano!

CNu said...

The NOI aristocracy that had Malcolm shot has been replaced with a popular culture production aristocracy that ought to be shot. Why do you suppose that only the corrupt are permitted to thrive and proliferate?

The organic self-sufficiency and governance model that Malcolm was advocating has been so profoundly subverted that it's no longer even a part of the collective climate of contemporary consciousness. What passes for "art" is nowadays exclusively the art of seduction, subversion, and degeneracy.

CNu said...

What has changed most profoundly in the past 50 years:The assumption of a singular global blackness isn’t unlike the one that props up the notion of a dominant American blackness. Both the shared memory of struggle and the diversity of experience of the world’s black people are obscured for the sake of an agenda based on erasure.

BigDonOne said...

When it comes to the qualities that associate with stable civilization (cognition, future-time-orientation), American Blackness is superior to that of the rest of elsewhere due to the liberal infusion of slave-owner et. al. other White genetics.....

Vic78 said...

One thing I don't like is that a lot of the stateside brothers are hopelessly ignorant. They're so far gone that they'll the writer that he isn't really Black because Black folks are descended from slaves.

ken said...

Do you have any explanations for this well known fact?

CNu said...

There was a fantastic paper in the public domain years ago (now firmly locked behind a paywall) - that explores this at length. Quoting my man Art McGee from waaay back in the dayThis kind of goes back to the whole Blackness vs. Africanity thing that I've been ruminating on of late. I don't want to be Black anymore. I want to be an African. I no longer wish to be defined merely by oppression or what I am in opposition to, but rather, my reality should be something that exists irrespective of the intransigence of whiteness.

Blackness is dead.

Long live Africanity.

BigDonOne said...

@Ken --- Yes, it is easily explained. All cohorts have a few 3-sigmas with sufficient vision (cognition & future-time-orientation) to improve themselves. African *immigrants* have cherry-picked themselves into America. The rest - the vast, vast, majority - are still over there fighting and starving, without the smarts to either escape or shape-up the place to modern civilized standards.....

Vic78 said...

So, do you spank yourself in public? It's really sad that you're reduced to trolling. If I had a heart I'd pity you. But I don't so I just point and laugh.

makheru bradley said...

Activists are feared. Preachers are not.

makheru bradley said...

The Afrikan and the Indigenous Peoples of the West possessed a ruinous opening which left them psychologically ill-prepared for the sociopathic xenophobes from Europe.

A ruinous openness we had

For those who came as beggars

Turned to snakes after feeding.

The suspicious among us had pronounced fears

Incomprehensible to our spirit then,

Words generosity failed to understand.

“These are makers of carrion,”

The wary ones said,

“Do not shelter them.

See their eyes, their noses.

Such are the beaks

Of all the desert’s predatory birds.”

We laughed at the fearful ones,

Gave the askers shelter

And watched them unsuspicious,

watched them turned in the fecundity of our way,

Turn into the force that pushed us

Till the proper flowing of all our people,

The way itself,

Become a lonely memory

For abandoned minds. -- Ayi Kwei Armah (Two Thousand Seasons)

BigDonOne said...

Well, how about, any African-Af-Am that shows however-limited cognitive promise in America, gets their education free due to PC pressures on universities to keep their diversity numbers up. Also, they get grade inflation to avoid having to flunk them out, again to keep the numbers up. All this while whites with better cognition work minimum wage because they can't afford tuition and have enough FTO-sense to not take out student loans that may haunt them the rest of their lives. -- Apples vs. eye-cue-seventy-five Oranges....

ken said...

I believe most of your last post is discussing college, but for high school pretty much everywhere k-12 education is provided by all citizens equally through taxes, so in the first link I gave, what would be your explanation for this:

"Of the African-born population in the United States age 25 and older, 86.4% reported having a high school diploma or higher, compared with 78. 9% of Asian-born immigrants, and 76.5% of European-born immigrants, respectively. These figures contrast with 61.8% percent of the total foreign-born population."

CNu said...

l0l, just doing my part to exorcise your brain-pan BD, keep those prions from locking in tight - and ultimately confining your "mentations" to increasingly repetitive and demented cowpaths. As for your affirmative action argument, better hit the PRR stacks on that one old bean

Looks like you're about to come up shorter on this one than you did on the CRA hootenannie a couple of days ago. I'm becoming ever more deeply disappointed in the paltry level of game being exhibited by my favorite poster child BD. If you can't do any better than this, I'll soon have to consign you to the island of broken toys....,

Vic78 said...

You're supposed to flush the toilet when you're done. You aren't supposed to reach in and play with it. That is not play dough.

BigDonOne said...

"Of the African-born population in the United States age 25 and older, 86.4% reported having a high school diploma or higher

Just because it's provided via taxes doesn't mean it is availed-of. Of the American-born... the numberof Af-Am HS grads is like 50% nationally. One of the ways this number gets fudged to look better, is in order to be counted, a student has to actually *START* high school, and by that point a significant number of Af-Ams have realized they don't have the EyeCue to hack it and already quit.

For real meaningful data---> "·53 percent of African Americans, 47 percent of Native Americans, 47 percent of Hispanics, 77 percent of Asian Americans and 70 percent of whites graduated [high school] statewide" That's for Washington State a relatively advanced civilization, BD will let you Google up the numbers [ROTFLMAO] for Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia...

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