Wednesday, February 19, 2014

unless WW-III jumps off, that younger brother's SOL...,

NYTimes | We take as our text today the parable of the prodigal son. As I hope you know, the story is about a father with two sons. The younger son took his share of the inheritance early and blew it on prostitutes and riotous living. When the money was gone, he returned home.

His father ran out and embraced him. The delighted father offered the boy his finest robe and threw a feast in his honor. The older son, the responsible one, was appalled. He stood outside the feast, crying in effect, “Look! All these years I’ve been working hard and obeying you faithfully, and you never gave me special treatment such as this!”

The father responded, “You are always with me, and everything I have is yours.” But he had to celebrate the younger one’s return. The boy was lost and now is found. 

Did the father do the right thing? Is the father the right model for authority today?

The father’s critics say he was unjust. People who play by the rules should see the rewards. Those who abandon the community, live according to their own reckless desires should not get to come back and automatically reap the bounty of others’ hard work. If you reward the younger brother, you signal that self-indulgence pays, while hard work gets slighted. 

The father’s example is especially pernicious now, the critics continue. Jesus preached it at the time of the Pharisees, in an overly rigid and rule-bound society. In those circumstances, a story of radical forgiveness was a useful antidote to the prevailing legalism.

But we don’t live in that kind of society. We live in a society in which moral standards are already fuzzy, in which people are already encouraged to do their own thing. We live in a society with advanced social decay — with teens dropping out of high school, financiers plundering companies and kids being raised without fathers. The father’s example in the parable reinforces loose self-indulgence at a time when we need more rule-following, more social discipline and more accountability, not less.

It’s a valid critique, but I’d defend the father’s example, and, informed by a reading of Timothy Keller’s outstanding book “The Prodigal God,” I’d even apply the father’s wisdom to social policy-making today. 

We live in a divided society in which many of us in the middle- and upper-middle classes are like the older brother and many of the people who drop out of school, commit crimes and abandon their children are like the younger brother. In many cases, we have a governing class of elder brothers legislating programs on behalf of the younger brothers. The great danger in this situation is that we in the elder brother class will end up self-righteously lecturing the poor: “You need to be more like us: graduate from school, practice a little sexual discipline, work harder.”

But the father in this parable exposes the truth that people in the elder brother class are stained, too. The elder brother is self-righteous, smug, cold and shrewd. The elder brother wasn’t really working to honor his father; he was working for material reward and out of a fear-based moralism. The father reminds us of the old truth that the line between good and evil doesn’t run between people or classes; it runs straight through every human heart.


BigDonOne said...

It's not just Kansas City, Black mob violence is endemic in America., PC MSM essentially ignore it. Thomas Sowell was shocked when the extent of this was published in Colin Flaherty's "White Girl Bleed A Lot." His comments and video clips of some of the 500 recent such incidents are here---> embellished with appropriate rap music clips and 911 audio.

WND.COM has been running a series on the phenomenon, today's offering features thugs at King's Plaza Mall in Brooklyn

CNu said...

lol, you done poking out your lip from my deleting your off-topic attempt to put up this Colin Flaherty crap monday evening? I blacklisted WND. This accounts for your inability to link to that hot garbage and your resort this morning to youtube. You been hella busy try'na figure out how to inject that material into one of my comment threads, haven't you? That just cracks me up BD.

See, I had already determined to deal with the Plaza antics issue and simultaneously touch on the Michael Dunn/Jordan Davis murder monday afternoon, and had programmed the two posts which preceded my original content post yesterday morning prior to your off-topic chiming-in with White Girl Bleed a Lot, a contemporary masterpiece of giant negroism and elderly white man "terrified" of young black men propaganda.

I want to help you out BD. So I've taken the liberty of reserving that spot we've been talking about for the past few months - I sincerely believe you need a place where you can aggregate all the very best peer reviewed research and top flight HBD propaganda over which you obsess and in which you are most expert.

Whattaya think? You ready to step up and put on the big boy pants? Move out of Daddy's comment basement and into a grown-man blog of your own?

makheru bradley said...

The violence of these flash mobs will never be comparable to the violence which resulted from the European occupation and theft of the North American continent.

“In the post- Civil War period though black murder rates were high, they were far lower than today ... and lower than those of their immigrant Irish competitors while Italian murder rates [when Italians began immigrating] soared well above those of blacks.”