Tuesday, June 05, 2012

is the human brain hardwired for god?

bigthink | Our Lady of Lourdes appears 18 times to a miller's daughter collecting firewood in a small market town in France. A young woman leads an army through critical strategic victories in the 100 Years' War, claiming to be guided by divine insight. In the very first hours of the 20th century, a student asks God to fill her with the holy spirit and begins to speak in tongues.

Are these incidents case studies in undiagnosed mental illness, spiritual transcendence, or something nebulously in between?


CNu said...

According to the present theory, humans have developed two dispersal
phenotypes in the forms of the prophet and the follower. The
coordinated action of these two phenotypes would serve to disperse us
over the available habitat. This dispersal must have been aided by the
major climatic changes over the past few million years in which vast
areas of potential human habitat have repeatedly become available
because of melting of ice sheets. http://jayhanson.us/_Biology/dispersal.htm

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