Friday, June 29, 2012

brookings metromonitor

U.S. metros were most heavily affected by the Great Recession. Many rebounded strongly in the rankings in the recovery period due to robust income growth, but continued to post modest employment losses. To Track the Nation's non-existent recovery, the MetroMonitor goes interactive


Ed Dunn said...

I understand China has a manufacturing economy to say resilient during the recession, but do not understand Latin America resiliency. Brasil moving towards sugar cane? Venezuela oil boom after repatriation? I also thought Argentina suffered a real economic collapse during the 2007-2009 period.

CNu said...

Latin American "economies" are still based nearly exclusively on the export of raw materials and these are not on the depletion ropes yet, and, they are still pretty much narrow pyramid parasite economies, i.e., there is not much of middle class anywhere, just an hereditary proprietor class, farms/ranches/mines surrounded by some bureaucrats and military(and no great shakes there) - our corporate establishments which comprise the bulk of middle class employers then some export/import business people close in with the bureaucrats and our corporate establishments.

I guess my point is that there just wasn't that much around which bubbles could be formed, and, there weren't demographically that many who could get bubble-ized living beyond their means and devouring the future like folks did here and in Europe..