Saturday, May 28, 2011

the funeral will not be televised...,

Video - Gil Scott Heron's most memorable poem.


Big Don said...

Fully in the interest of Fairness and Balance,, understand,, a competing version of The Revolution may be found in "The Turner Diaries," online at   Chapters XX thru XXIV provide a particularly graphic description of the Southern Californian component.
Unlike the not-to-be televised Heron version, this one might likely be well-covered on YouTube and Fox News prime time...

nanakwame said...

Yes and still young, Him and the White Speed rode together. This was the most prophetic check out the time of recording. He was a great griot. Sometimes the pains of consciousness can take our gentle flowers out of here. ibae Brother Gil - No body is fighting for no one knows what to say.
Winter in America

Makheru Bradley said...

I had never heard of this brother until I went to a program at Howard after the May 1972 Afrikan Liberation Day demonstration. As Lauryn Hill says, "music is supposed to inspire." Brother Gil validated what we were doing through song and poetry.

May his soul have a righteous journey through Amenta, and when Jehuti reads his record, may his heart be as light as the feather of Ma'at.