Sunday, May 15, 2011

norsk institute zardoz server radiation forecasts


ProfGeo said...

Zardoz-- quite underrated after its initial release. Butchered for commercial TV-- senseless without certain scenes.

Zardoz closing credits (uncut version): The story of humanity.

CNu said...

In the proper frame of mind, Zardoz is mighty entertaining. (in the proper frame of mind, looking at garish wallpaper can be mighty entertaining too)

All that aside, what I GOT'S to know from you ProfGeo, is whether in light of what's going down this weekend you know, when the Fukushima radiation cloud settles across the homeland and mass zombification gets underway in earnest, are you laying up for an onslaught of fast zombies, or do you think we'll find ourselves up against the good old-fashioned "short, sharp, shock to the head" slow zombies?

ProfGeo said...

OK, it's also the Charlotte Rampling factor. I'd give it 2 stars instead of 3 without her. And wouldn't watch the ending again either. 

Now, are you saying you "gots to know" in the Dirty Harry sense? I have plans for May 22 and well into next week and expect everybody else to show up too. Especially given that it's already May 21st in some places. Long term, though, I'm counting on the slower zombies, 1968 Romero style.

CNu said...


Guardian Angel said...

now how do we all STOP the Rel Zaedoz  Radiation - Not so Smart hu ? HIGH Levels its not a Movie its Rel !!!
thanks to dum ass's making it !!!!! heres my Comment you better wakeup !!! its relly Happing !!!
Thas is Rel Life !!!!

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