Thursday, May 05, 2011

how long had osama's whereabouts been known?

Video - Satellite pictures of Osama bin Laden's hideout in Abbottabad,

Counterpunch | And Osama? What about Osama bin Laden? Now we know that the US knew of his whereabouts; they knew of the trail, they asked Leigh and Keller to remove relevant references. Why didn’t they capture him or kill him earlier?

OBL’s organisation did what the US authorities wanted to be done. They fought the Russians and ruined Afghanistan. They conspired and fought against Hezbollah, slaughtered Shias in Iraq, undermined Qaddafi, hated Hamas and Iran. They supported ethnic cleansing of ‘infidels’ in Chechnya and in the Balkans. They never ever attacked Israel: they preserved their vigor for Sayyed Nasrallah. Like a dreadful beast nurtured in the CIA secret labs, only once they reportedly rebelled against their merciless creator - on 9/11. Osama was greater than, but similar to such American friends as Jonas Savimbi of Angola or Shamil Basayev of Chechnya, and hopefully after his death his organization will vanish like Unita and Basayev did.

The Guantanamo files reveal utter wretchedness of Osama’s unlucky followers. With exception of a few dozen close associates, the rest of the prisoners made a wrong choice ever listening to him. They (especially foreigners) were idealists, who wanted to establish the Kingdom of God upon the earth; they were encouraged by the US to flock to Afghanistan to fight the Commies. The majority of them never even had a chance to hold the gun. They, the foreigners in Afghanistan and Pakistan were sold for bounty to the Americans as fast as possible. They paid for this by years of torture. And now they are about to learn that their supreme chief was safeguarded by the same Americans who tortured them!

But in the mind of the Muslim masses OBL will be remembered (justly or not) as the architect of the only successful response of the oppressed to the Empire on its own soil. And that ensured him greatness of his own and a place in history.


nanakwame said...

Why literature and storytelling tells more truth than any academic book I ever read. The naiveté around our State is a joke

CNu said...

The across the board characterization is patently false. On tuesday afternoon, I received a furiously angry 35 minute lecture from Bro. Rashid (busdriver) who concluded his lifesaving speech with a brief recruitment pitch for the 5%'s and the inside scoop on the aliens who live underground in California and underneath Area 51.

(I didn't have the heart to tell the bro. that that nonsense is based on Thule society mythology, because the irony of a staunchly black nationalist group regurgitating Nazi occultural garbage
would've made his head literally explode)

There's so much abject nonsense and stupidity embodied in the mythos of much nationalist storytelling as to render it toxic to the sensibilities of any but the very most suggestible, stupid, and vulnerable in this society.

nanakwame said...

One must grow or forever pay the price of remaining the same.
Norman Mailer

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.
Robert McAfee Brown

The fact of storytelling hints at a fundamental human unease, hints at human imperfection. Where there is perfection there is no story to tell.
Ben Okri

It's all storytelling, you know. That's what journalism is all about.
Tom Brokaw

You are a good storyteller too, and you want to give me some antidote about aliens, LOL. Only math is an exact science.

nanakwame said...

forgot to share this interesting piece
Why Washington Has Given Up on the Unemployed

By Michael McCarthy | Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Gee Chee Vision said...

That is funny. I've been in those situations before with cats. When I was in high school I knew this cat back from the old Nation. He couldn't stand the innovations of Farrakhan. But he would always tell me and my two homeboys (who were his nephews) about this crazy technology being used against the people (pre-internet mind you). We'd be on the edge of our seats hearing all of these top secret government programs taking place. Then at the end of his diatribe he would say, "...AND THAT WAS IN THE 70's!"

Maaaan, I'd walk away from that house paranoid thinking, "Damn, if that was in the 70's that the White House lawn had robotic black birds spying on you, then that must explain all these pigeons always coming around a nigga's cipher."

But...he wasn't too far off. Considering flying insect spy robots and whatnot. Some things were out of space but some were in the ball park. Obviously its no secret about classified programs.

Gee Chee Vision said...

I have to say people have every right to be skeptical about ANY info that reaches them. If a woman has been raped and the rest of her life she thinks she wakes up at night to the slightest sound, that is due to that personal traumatic experience. We're dealing with an atmosphere that attempts to simulate trauma within its citizens.

Fear is perfectly acceptable when it is harvested to serve insurance companies, medical industry, Totalitarianism etc. But when people start to drift off and apply their fears across the evenly board then it becomes crazy conspiracy theorist type of fear. It's like legal casinos being healthy fun but an illegal casino is known for taking your money, as this one news reporter put it that was attacking underground casinos. Running numbers bad, but the lotto got Negroes on commercials doing a head spin in a convenience store.

Gee Chee Vision said...

I know a cat I had to cut off in my community for his unrelenting, excessive, over the top lying. This dude lies for NO reason. If I've been getting that from major news sources, the problem is not with people, its with the sources that discredit themselves.

So Osama could have died along time ago or just this week. Who really can say which is an absolute? We have to trust the information. But the absolute doesn't matter, the delivery matters. The story matters. I've watched how they have been concerned about people rejecting this event has taken place. They squirming and need to make it a real event through the "story."

I think Nana is on it about storytelling. It's like presenting a rhythm of ideas. If you look at any conversation of Disney's racists films, Song of the South, Dumbo, Jungle Book, Peter Pan etc, you'll see comments of many people saying that they don't see anything wrong with the stories. It's fascinating, they actually become offended because you threaten the stories that are nostalgic for them. I knew white folk in high school that loved Ice Cube while he called them devils. They resented being called a devil but appreciated his rhythmic story telling.

TS Elliot said it exists at a level that the dictionary sense of words cannot attain.

CNu said...

Only math is an exact science.

Where there is perfection there is no story to tell.

Precisely why the societies of knowledge always had to shelter there perfection seeking activities from the ignorant, jealous and fearful magical thinkers by whom they were surrounded...,

Anonymous said...

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