Thursday, July 17, 2008



As our terrestrial nursery undergoes explosive cycles of organismal variation, thriving, and extinction — the preserved complexity and diversity of the survivors is being by turns enhanced and compressed. The compression is of a sort that becomes rapidly explosive, but explodes in a way that establishes dimensions rather than erasing them. It is something like pure sentience-precursor, cultivating itself in ever more diverse and complex contexts, transports and vehicles of biocognitive relation.

Turns out that it is possible to engineer a perpetual motion device, and you can engineer one that gains amplitude of expression in geometric leaps which reach absurd speeds and complexities almost instantly. The problem is making it explode in a way that generates life and complex diversity rather than reducing them to their energetic constituents rapidly.

The reason we can’t do this as easily with technology is simple: when you create scalarly self-amplifying standing waves in ‘things’ — they explode. When you do this in a biocognitive dimension... eventually you get something akin to human sentience. The sunglasses we use shield us from the incredible inward brightness of the self-magnifying explosion that we are and are with(in).


By their underlying inferences the physical sciences train us to value individuals and species as the primary conservators of biological and cognitive complexity. This move subtly manipulates us to see the structure as most significant and deserving of precedence, and is materialistically biased. It is in fact the content which has precedence, and this is largely obscured by hidden choices we make when agreeing with common models, logics of identity, and terms.

Evolution, we are told, is a process requiring vast epochs to produce even the smallest attenuations in organismal form. But organisms are not merely their forms. What we find apparent in careful examination is that evolutionary complexity is preserved as much in the transports of organismal relation and in environments as it is in individuals, or separate assemblies of given members. What this turns out to mean is that there are hidden wells of motive energies that find expression in what we call evolution, and they are not competitive — but relational.

What Earth has been doing for about the past 4.5 billion years is something far beyond anything we have a metaphor of. The endless relational symmetries of Life here have been assembling a scalarly recombinant sentience explosion. It‘s the biocognitive equivalent to rapidly cultivating galaxies — and the media required is cognitive, or relational, rather than ‘purely physical’.

And for at least the past 1500 years, our species has been tearing it limb from limb, without realizing that those are our own limbs, in realtime.